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Ninth Circle Announces New Drummer

Pure Rock recording artist Ninth Circle is proud to announce Richie “Captain Black” Brooks as their new drummer. 

Richie "Captain Black" Brooks is a multi-instrumentalist who’s been playing drums and bass since the age of 7 and 8 respectively. Richie plays drums, bass, guitar, vocals and keyboards. Richie grew up around his musical brother and sister. His older brother, who was in a band at the time with current Warrant guitarist, Joey Allen, helped him learn to play the bass via the guitar. In 7th grade he met current No Doubt guitarist, Tom Dumont and started a band playing mostly Rush and Judas Priest while playing bass. They would play gigs around the Irvine area including middle school, high school and dances. Over the years Richie has played in several different bands in California and in Colorado. Richie also currently plays guitar in the So Cal band, Chain Web who he was an original member playing bass and left for almost 20 years. He also plays drums and bass in the internet project, Mental Vudu.

“Richie is someone we knew and were aware of given he attended many of our shows and helped us move equipment many times,” says Frank Forray. “When Dave left the band we put feelers out everywhere for a replacement. I remember hitting Richie up if he knew anyone and he recommended himself! That blew me away because I knew he played bass, guitar and keyboards, but I must have never listened to the drummer part! When he said he was a drummer there was no doubt he was instantly top of the list of people we were talking to and wanted to audition ASAP!”

"I was surprised as well that Richie played drums !" Dennis adds. "We went through the formality of having an audition but it turned into our first rehearsal together. By the second song, it was crystal clear that Richie fit the bill perfectly.”

Frank goes on, “obviously we’ve known Richie for a while and as soon as I mentioned his name to Dennis it was a serious no brainer! We always have a good time hanging with Richie and now that he’s in the band I can’t think of better fit; he’s a great fun guy to hang with and he’s an incredible drummer! We’re stoked to have him as part of the Ninth Circle family!”

According to Richie Brooks, I'm not exactly sure when the first time I saw Ninth Circle play but there was such a great professionalism and feel about the band. It just drew me to them. Great vocals, bass, guitar, drums, it had it all for me. Then the next time I saw them, I bought The Power of One and Legions of the Brave. I was just as blown away as I was when I first saw them!! 

“From then on”, says Richie, “I started to go to more shows and wanted to get to know the guys. I was 'jonesing' to jam with them in ANY capacity. On several occasions I suggested we get together and jam. Then during their recording process of this upcoming CD, I didn't hear from them in while. Then out of the blue I got the Facebook message that would change my life! They were looking for a new drummer!! Funny story- even after hanging out and talking music and helping them set up and tear down, I guess I never let them know what instrument(s) I play....."

Richie sums it by saying, “I'm absolutely humbled and stoked to begin playing with these guys and grow Ninth Circle!! 

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