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May 30, 2022

Ninth Circle Plays The South Bay Music Awards-2022

Excited to announce Ninth Circle will be performing at the 2022 South Bay Music Awards at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center on July 22! We are honored by the following nominations for the South Bay Music Awards:
“Metal/Rock Band Of The Year”
“Best New Album”
“Producers Choice”

The boys can’t wait to share this night with their fans on July 22nd at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center!

First show of 2022! Featuring a "Best of" set. Stages, Santa Ana, CA April 2nd, 2022

Hour 11, Ninth Circle, Electric Junkies, TruNorth, Anxious Annie, Burnd Bridges, Live in Santa Ana!, Stages, Santa Ana, 2 April to 3 April (

Oct 25, 2021

Ninth Circle Update

2021 was spent writing and preparing for the fifth release. Update here via

NINTH CIRCLE Returns To The Studio To Record Fifth Album - BraveWords

Aug 31, 2021

Frank's Birthday Show! Sept 25th

The band is back at the recently remolded Stages in Santa Ana CA!

Join us in the celebration as the band we be back in the studio soon.

Kantation, Our Dying World, Ninth Circle, Blacklist-9 and Wildcharge in Santa Ana

Oct 10, 2020

Interview with Portuguese webzine "Via Noctura"

Aug 4, 2020

2 outdoor shows announced!

Ninth Circle will perform at 2 upcoming shows. Both following the new "Social Distance guidelines".

August 25th @ The Doll Hut, Anaheim, CA 6 pm

September 26th @ The Hilltop Tavern & Inn, Apple Valley, CA 8 pm

Jul 15, 2020

Lyric video for "Forever More" released

Jul 6, 2020

"Echo Black" reviews from around the Globe

Loud and Proud

Reflections of Darkness

Metal to Infinity

Bleeding for Metal

Hard Rock Heavy Metal

Metal Temple

Jun 25, 2020

"Echo Black" Released

The day has come! The fourth full-length CD from Ninth Circle is now available. You will soon be able to order here but in the meantime check your favorite online music stores to order.

Jun 4, 2020

"Riding the Storm" video released!

May 19, 2020

Dennis talks to

"Dennis Brown" - Metal Temple Magazine (

May 19, 2020

First single "Riding the Storm" streaming

The first single from the upcoming release is streaming now on

Listen here >


May 12, 2020

"Echo Black" cover artwork revealed

Release date to be announced soon!

Artwork courtesy of Dusan Markovic.  See more of his incredible artwork here

#ninthcircle #echoblack #newrelease

Jan 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

Ninth Circle wishes you all a Happy 2020. Stay tuned for exciting things this year from the band

Sep 1, 2019

Ninth Circle to perform at Throwback Metal Fest III

Ninth Circle returns to the Throwback Metal Festival in Apple Valley, CA next month. 

The now 3rd annual festival will include such Heavy Hitters as Ruthless, Emerald, Kantation and more!

Aug, 6, 2019

Ninth Circle announce first shows with new line up

Jun 4, 2019

Ninth Circle Announces New Drummer

Pure Rock recording artist Ninth Circle is proud to announce Richie “Captain Black” Brooks as their new drummer.

Richie "Captain Black" Brooks is a multi-instrumentalist who’s been playing drums and bass since the age of 7 and 8 respectively. Richie plays drums, bass, guitar, vocals and keyboards. Richie grew up around his musical brother and sister. His older brother, who was in a band at the time with current Warrant guitarist, Joey Allen, helped him learn to play the bass via the guitar. In 7th grade he met current No Doubt guitarist, Tom Dumont and started a band playing mostly Rush and Judas Priest while playing bass. They would play gigs around the Irvine area including middle school, high school and dances. Over the years Richie has played in several different bands in California and in Colorado. Richie also currently plays guitar in the So Cal band, Chain Web who was an original member playing bass and left for almost 20 years. He also plays drums and bass in the internet project, Mental Vudu.

“Richie is someone we knew and were aware of given he attended many of our shows and helped us move equipment many times,” says Frank Forray. “When Dave left the band, we put feelers out everywhere for a replacement. I remember hitting Richie up if he knew anyone and he recommended himself! That blew me away because I knew he played bass, guitar and keyboards, but I must have never listened to the drummer part! When he said he was a drummer there was no doubt he was instantly top of the list of people we were talking to and wanted to audition ASAP!”

"I was surprised as well that Richie played drums!" Dennis adds.  "We went through the formality of having an audition, but it turned into our first rehearsal together.  By the second song, it was crystal clear that Richie fit the bill perfectly.”

Frank goes on, “obviously we’ve known Richie for a while and as soon as I mentioned his name to Dennis it was a serious no brainer! We always have a good time hanging out with Richie and now that he’s in the band I can’t think of a better fit; he’s a great fun guy to hang with and he’s an incredible drummer! We’re stoked to have him as part of the Ninth Circle family!”

According to Richie Brooks, I'm not exactly sure when the first time I saw Ninth Circle play but there was such a great professionalism and feel about the band. It just drew me to them. Great vocals, bass, guitar, drums, it had it all for me. Then the next time I saw them, I bought The Power of One and Legions of the Brave. I was just as blown away as I was when I first saw them!! “From then on”, says Richie, “I started to go to more shows and wanted to get to know the guys. I was 'jonesing' to jam with them in ANY capacity. On several occasions I suggested we get together and jam. Then during their recording process of this upcoming CD, I didn't hear from them for a while. Then out of the blue I got a Facebook message that would change my life! They were looking for a new drummer! Funny story- even after hanging out and talking music and helping them set up and tear down, I guess I never let them know what instrument(s) I play....." Richie sums it by saying, “I'm absolutely humbled and stoked to begin playing with these guys and grow Ninth Circle!!

#ninthcircle #newdrummer #ninthcirclearmy #richiebrooks

Jun 4, 2019

Ninth Circle Parts Ways With Drummer Dave Davis

May 5, 2019

The Fourth full length Ninth Circle CD is complete

Recording and mastering has been completed for the upcoming cd. The first half of 2019 consisted of the finalization of packaging and promo. Stay tuned for release date and further updates.  #ninthcircle #purerock #ninthcirclearmy



Recording has begun ! Throughout the year the band will complete recording for the fourth full length CD.




Drummer Dave Davis returns to Ninth Circle after a year away. Dave and Ninth Circle had parted ways in March 2017 and was replaced with Jim Standerfer to complete the remaining dates on the Legions of the Brave Tour 2016 and Make America Metal Tour 2016-2017. The band has also begun rehearsing new material with Jim Standerfer for the new Ninth Circle record.

Bassist Frank Forray provides insight to the return of Dave Davis, "We had a very amicable split with Dave early last year. Even the word "split" makes it sound harsh, as it was anything but. Dave needed some time away and the band's schedule was such that we had to keep charging. So, in probably the friendliest terms we agreed to remain friends, and with Dave's recommendation we sought out Jim as his replacement to maintain our commitments".

While completing the remaining dates of the Legions of the Brave Tour, Ninth Circle began rehearsing new material for the next record, "We completed the remaining live dates with Jim while beginning to rehearse new material for our upcoming record. Unfortunately, as we were over half way done with rehearsing new material Jim informed us of his intention to leave the band. That was a blow to Dennis and me. The timing was awkward as we had been working diligently on new material to get into the studio to begin recording with Jim".

Ninth Circle reunited the strong friendship with Dave. "Dennis and I had many conversations over two or three weeks about what to do next. We had seen Dave at the last show of our tour and we spoke a little that evening. Luckily for us he wasn't working with anyone at the time so we decided to give him a call. Dave was available, excited, and enthusiastic about returning so it was an easy transition".

The band has been in the rehearsal studio working on the new material, "we picked up right where we left off with Dave - same jokes, same timing and same songwriting strength that led to the success of Legions of the Brave. We have been in the studio now for two weeks and we have completed structuring five songs of the twelve written for the next record. They sound extremely powerful."

Dennis adds "It's been apparent during our first rehearsals back together that we still enjoy arranging and working on new songs collectively. Although the songs have already been written, everyone has their chance to explore new parts or ideas if they enhance a song. It's as if Dave's break not only benefited Dave, but has recharged Frank and I."

Dave Davis says, "I am excited to be back in NINTH CIRCLE, and the new material is the strongest we've done yet. I am very much looking forward to recording, and playing these new songs."

Frank goes onto explain, "I have been listening back to the recordings of our rehearsals and it sounds heavy and mean! The next batch of songs will definitely have Ninth Circle fans banging their heads like never before!"



Pure Rock Records recording artists, Ninth Circle, is gearing up for their final show of the Legions of the Brave Tour with Uli Jon Roth in Santa Ana, CA on Saturday Feb 18th. Billed as "The Tokyo Tapes Revisited Tour", the show will be a treat for Scorpions fans and guitar freaks alike.

Ninth Circle has spent the last several months touring. They have shared the stage with such acts as Riot, Girlschool, Primal Fear, Y&T, Armored Saint, and most recently Graham Bonnet as part of NAMM weekend in Anaheim, CA.

Their latest release "Legions of the Brave" has sparked interest in Ninth Circle most notably in European and Japanese markets. "It has been very exciting to get feedback from all over the world" explains guitarist/vocalist Dennis Brown. "We are pleased with what Pure Rock Records has done for us and are looking forward to our next release with them. New opportunities are presenting themselves so we really are itching to get back into the studio and hammer out our next album",

Bassist Frank Forray goes on to say "the band has been playing live non-stop since Legions of the Brave was released in May of 2015. We truly appreciate all the support we have received from fans around the world. They have displayed overwhelming support for this record and for the band. We have made many new fans and have played with may terrific bands on this touring cycle. It has been one of the greatest experiences for the band since we started."

Frank goes on to say, "it has not been a secret that we have been preparing new songs for our upcoming album. At this point, we are about half way done rehearsing the new songs. Fans who have had the opportunity to see us live since October have been treated to a few new songs which we have put into our set. In order for us to complete the next record we need to focus in the rehearsal studio and complete the remaining songs so we can enter the recording studio and deliver the next Ninth Circle record. I truly believe fans will hear the next evolution of this band on the next album as we grow as songwriters. I also believe we more focused in what we want Ninth Circle to be in the world of heavy metal."

"We feel this final show of the touring cycle for Legions of the Brave is a great way to turn the corner and put an exclamation point on this record," exclaims Frank. "This will be a great send off for the band, fans and friends who have supported us for almost two years straight with this record. There's no doubt we will do something special to say 'thank you' to everyone's support".



Melodic metalers Ninth Circle are embarking on a fall tour beginning in September and should conclude by the end of 2016. Bassist Frank Forray explains the decision to finish off their year being on the road in the midst of writing a new record.

"We started the year off with the goal to begin rehearsing newly written material for our next record. Unfortunately we had to take a little break in the first three months of the year because of an undisclosed health issue with our previous drummer. We wanted there to be time so he could heal. Unfortunately, we needed to move on and Dave needed to focus on his health so we turned to Jim Standerfer who had helped us out in the past to keep pushing us forward."

Frank goes on to explain, "So we needed to get Jim up to speed quickly and booked a handful of dates to get him baptized in the church of Ninth Circle. Luckily he is a quick study and having played with us in the past he was able to get our catalog under his belt which allowed him to understand what we are doing with the newly written songs. During the last 3-4 shows we have been able to sneak in 2-3 new songs."

The band now has a plan to begin recording in the first part of 2017, "We have a plan now to execute against to ensure we begin recording in early 2017. We are focused on the new songs and plan to keep adding new songs into our setlist for our upcoming shows."

Frank discusses how playing live helps the band gel before entering the studio, "Playing live is a great way to work out any kinks with new songs. You can get the sense if the crowd digs it or not. That is the intent of booking a fall tour that should take us to December. It will give us a chance to road test some new songs and gel as a unit before we hit studio".

Ninth Circle begin their fall tour in Costa Mesa, CA on September 16.



Ninth Circle has announced the departure of long term drummer Dave Davis and replacement, Jim Standerfer. The official statement from the band thanks Dave Davis for his service during his time and welcoming new drummer Jim Standerfer.

"Ninth Circle are thankful for Dave Davis' service and time in the band. He helped the band professionally promote and perform two pivotal albums that were released during his tenure with Ninth Circle. Dave is a topnotch professional drummer and an all-around good guy. We wish Dave all the best in future endeavors."

"The band is proud to announce Jim Standerfer as Ninth Circle's new drummer. Jim has been part of the Ninth Circle family for years and had stepped in a few years back to perform three shows when the banded needed help. Jim has recently been filling in with Ninth Circle and most recently performed with the band while opening up for Primal Fear in Anaheim, Ca. We are excited Jim has agreed to step in as the full time drummer and excited to what the future holds for the band with Jim behind the drums."

Ninth Circle's first concert with new drummer, Jim Standerfer, will be Saturday June, 4 at M15 Concert Venue, in Corona, CA with Sebastian Bach.



The Los Angeles melodic metal band, Ninth Circle, have released the official video for their next single, All Or Nothing, off their third CD titled Legions Of The Brave, available on Pure Rock Records.

"Making this video was a lot of fun", states bassist Frank Forray. "From the beginning stages of throwing ideas around to storyboarding to casting to filming, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences the band has had with video".

"The video for All Or Nothing exceeded my wildest imagination. The story is great. The production is superb. The band played their asses off and the song is not too bad, if I do say so myself. It was an extremely long day of shooting, but it was a lot of fun. Adam, the producer, and Elan, the director, were awesome to work with. They gave fantastic direction and really made the whole concept come to life. They were open to ideas and ultimately were in it to make Ninth Circle look amazing and make the song come to life. I think Adam and Elan accomplished that hands down!"

Frank goes on to say, "All Or Nothing was lyrically inspired by a very close friend of Dennis and the band who met an unfortunate and untimely demise. Lyrically I wanted to capture what his essence was all about. Someone who was fearless, a true friend you could count on. Lived his life to fullest and did things his way. He was All or Nothing! When we starting the concept phase for the video we thought the lyrical story may be tough to tell in six minutes. Then the directors floated the concept of an underground flight club with a guy who would be the obvious king of the ring and the meek and scrawny challenger. And it just took off from there. As a band we thought this concept served the song very well!"

"The crew did a great job" Dennis adds. "It was a long day of shooting but everyone did their part once we were on set. The theme of taking something full on was captured and the directors brought it to life. You've got to throw in a few curve balls here and there to keep the viewer interested and we were definitely pleased with the result. And yes, we had a lot of fun making this!" 

Adam Makowka describes working with Ninth Circle, "Working with Ninth Circle was terrible. What a bunch of prima donnas! Just kidding...this was probably one of, if not my favorite, projects. Ninth Circle are a bunch of solid, insanely talented, good people. Top notch quality all around. All of us were on the same page from the beginning, creating a smooth and awesome production."

"I first met with Frank to start brainstorming some concepts", says Adam who describes the creative process. "We came up with a few, unpolished ideas that might work. It was not until I brought them to the director that they really came to life. The director had a fresh and exciting take on one of our original concepts, molding a half baked idea into a clear vision"

"First, the song is amazing", expresses Adam who continues on about the song itself. "It is an upbeat adventure that is all about giving it your all, in any situation, big or small. We wanted the video to really hammer that home. That's why we went with an underdog story about an everyman who is literally putting his life on the line for a chance at glory. Whether he wins or loses, he is putting it all out there. We also wanted to highlight the band, since they are such talented musicians, which is why we wanted a healthy balance between story and performance. At the end of the day, we just wanted the video to do the song justice. It more than deserves that."

Frank concludes, "Now we are extremely pleased to announce the premier of the video, All Or Nothing. We hope everyone enjoys this video experience as much as we did filming it!" 




Ninth Circle has begun production of a brand new music video for the song All Or Nothing from their Pure Rock Records release Legions Of The Brave. The video is being shot on location in Long Beach, California with the help of a full production crew, actors and makeup artist.

Bassist Frank Forray describes the on location shoot, "We have a tremendously talented crew working on this production. The director and production crew are first class! They provide great direction and have a terrific vision of what this video will eventually communicate to viewers and to our fans."

"We started this conversation a few months back to gain more traction on our newest release, Legions Of The Brave", Frank goes on to explain. "All Or Nothing is such an intense song on its own and within our live set it is always our closer. The song just builds and builds and then boom! The song just goes to the next level. When we were approached to do a video this song was top of list. When we shared it with the directors they were blown away by the song and then the ideas just started to flow". "I really like the way everything came together" adds Dennis. "As an artist you aim to work with others who can capture the spirit of your music. Upon hearing the initial ideas, there was no doubt in my mind that we picked the right people to work with, and it shows".

"The concept of the video is to capture the intense subject of the song and that gets portrayed visually by the storyline and the subjects of the video. The video will be a mix of band performance and storyline which will ultimately capture the viewer's imagine and attention. More to come!"



Pure Rock Records recording artists NINTH CIRCLE from Los Angeles will return to the road for the first two shows of 2015. For the third year in a row NINTH CIRCLE will be performing at the annual House of Metal NAMM concert series in Santa Ana, CA on January 23rd.

NINTH CIRCLE is also excited to announce they will be again sharing the stage with hard rock legends Y&T on March 6 at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA.

"We are very excited to fire the machine back up again after taking a rest for December", explains Frank. "We closed out 2014 quite strong with a great show at the world famous Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip. The goal is to keep the momentum up in 2015 and we are doing that by announcing two great shows. The NAMM show and the concerts that are associated with that event are second to none. All over Anaheim and Santa Ana, anybody who's anybody in the world of rock n roll is playing on a stage. We are just extremely pleased to be part of this annual event".

Frank goes on to describe sharing the stage again with Y&T. "We are ecstatic to be playing with Y&T again. We kicked off the tour for our last album, The Power of One, opening up for Y&T, and that was an incredible way to kick off the tour. Dave and the guys were so kind to us and we learned so much by watching them put on such a great show. We are excited to be kicking off 2015 with Y&T and looking forward to announcing more shows!" "We've met some great people over this last year" Dennis adds, "So we're picking up where we left off. I'll be celebrating my birthday March 6th, so what better way than sharing the stage with Y&T? I'm really looking forward to it."



The Los Angeles melodic metal band NINTH CIRCLE has just released their third album, Legions of the Brave, on Pure Rock Records and is getting ready to hit the road to support their new record. Bassist Frank Forray talks about their new album, record company and tour.

"In a way, this isn't the 'Legions of the Brave' tour, it is the 'Blood, Sweat and Beers tour' for all the heart and hard work that we have put into this. But then again, this has also been the best time for the band creatively and knowing who we are as a band".

"Legions of the Brave is by far the best Ninth Circle album we have recorded to date", expresses Frank. "We really focused this album to make sure fans get an album from Ninth Circle that goes above and beyond our previous record, The Power of One. The new album is more progressive and complex and I love this sound! We could not be more pleased with everything about this album; the songs, the production, the artwork and our record company - Pure Rock Records in Germany".

"Pure Rock Records has been doing a fantastic job supporting this record. They have been a great partner. We have received a lot of fantastic press and reviews about this record. It is very rewarding and gratifying to read so many positive reviews and to hear from fans who think so highly of this record. The record just came out at the end of May so we have a long road ahead of us to give this album the proper support it needs."

Frank goes on to talk about supporting this record on tour, "We had a great kick off show to announce our album was on its way by playing with Primal Fear on their only Los Angeles date. It was a great honor to share the stage again with Primal Fear as we opened for them the last time they were in Los Angeles on their 16.6 Tour in '09."

"Right now we are putting together our summer tour dates. We are focusing on larger venues and festivals for the summer leg of the tour. There are a lot of exciting things coming up for the band and our fans. Everything we are doing now and for the foreseeable future is intended to give our new record all the proper support and attention it deserves. We are excited to bring this new record to the masses and to show what this album can do in a live environment. It was meant to be heard live!"


2013 turned out to be a pivotal year for the Los Angeles melodic metal band Ninth Circle. The band spent the majority of the year focused on completing their new CD which meant fans saw the band only a handful times live. This made every live event in 2013 special since fans got a glimpse of what is to come.

Bassist Frank Forray reflects, "2013 was a good year for the band. We spent all of 2012 and practically all of 2013 focused on the completing the record. After recording The Power of One in between stints on the road we learned a mighty lesson; focus on one thing at a time. Since we were extremely focused on making this record we made conscious effort to stay off the road and put every ounce of effort into this record. It made a huge difference!"

Even though the band concentrated on their work in the studio, they found themselves playing a few select live dates. Frank continues, "Spending as much time as we did in the studio we still had the urge to get out in front of our fans and play a few shows. We live to play live!"

"Of course we played a few of our standard annual gigs, a NAMM show gig and the Orange County Fair, but this year we found ourselves giving back as well. We organized a benefit show for a very close friend of ours to find a kidney donor and another benefit show for an individual fighting breast cancer. Doing those types of events really puts a lot of things into perspective. I believe all of us in the band are truly better off for doing those events".

Ninth Circle has been handsomely rewarded for their efforts with a world-wide record deal with German heavy metal label Pure Steel Records. "All our hard work really paid off", continues Frank. "Toward the latter half of the year we agreed to sign with Pure Steel Records. This was a huge moment for us. We have an international following which is really special. Now that we have a world-wide deal with Pure Steel Records we believe this will widen our reach and bring Ninth Circle music all over the globe. This is a very exciting time for Ninth Circle".

Being a band that never rests on their achievements, Ninth Circle is hungrier than ever before and is looking to set up 2014 as a monumental year for the band. "We have a lot of special things planned for 2014" gleams Frank. "Things are lining up nicely starting up in January by performing with guitar hero and Scorpions legend Uli Jon Roth. The band will also be performing at the Throwback Metal Fest in August. We also plan to capitalize on our new German connection by making an announcement very soon about performing with a legendary German power metal band. I can�t say much yet, though I can reveal this will be the second time you will see Ninth Circle with the metal eagles."

"We are grateful to all the support our families, friends and fans have provided us in 2013. Thank you all so much! We guarantee to deliver in 2014!"



Ninth Circle is excited to formally announce the addition of guitarist Andy J. Andy J. joined Ninth Circle on stage in December during their opening set for UFO and is now a permanent member.

"Andy is someone who has been on our radar for some time," says Frank Forray. "We were extremely pleased with Andy's performance in December at the UFO show. He really fills out the sound, is an incredible guitar player and very laid back individual which is a nice fit for Ninth Circle."

Frank goes on, "While we were recording the current record Dennis resurrected an old conversation about adding another musician to the band. It was difficult not to strongly consider it this time since the new material is so dynamic that it would be exciting to recreate it live!"

"We are very protective of the band so anyone we would have brought in would need to be part of the inner circle. We tossed around a few names and Andy's was top of the list. His style fits Ninth Circle perfectly and he complements Dennis extremely well. It is exciting to have two dynamic guitar giants in Ninth Circle now! We have been rehearsing since late October and every time I hear Andy play along with Dennis it reminds me of Racer X, Iron Maiden, Primal Fear and Helloween. The bands we love! I know fans are going to be blown away with the new line up".

Dennis adds "We've done quite a number of shows as a 3 piece over the years and are proud of what we have been able to do live as a trio to fill in the sound. However, the new songs are really a step up for us in so many ways that we felt this was the perfect time to make this move. As Frank pointed out, we've known Andy a while and perhaps it was just a matter of time that he joined us. He definitely has provided a new spark for the band and jamming with him reminds me of how fun it can be creating this music! He's a pleasure to work with as well and that is such a big part of being in a band."

Drummer Dave Davis adds, "Yeah, Andy brings a lot to the band, he makes us sound bigger and stronger - if that's possible! (laughs) And to tell the truth, I didn't think it was possible, and then Andy came along and showed me that it was. He's a great addition for us, and I'm glad he's on board."

Newest member Andy J. gives his perspective to joining the band, "Joining Ninth Circle was a no brainer for me. I look forward to rocking the stage with these awesome musicians that are Ninth Circle!"

Ninth Circle is currently mixing their new album which is expected to be released before April.




The Los Angeles heavy metal band Ninth Circle announces their first show of 2013 on Friday, January 25 at Malone's in Santa Ana. The show also coincides with Ninth Circle's appearance at the 2013 NAMM show in Anaheim California.

"We are extremely pleased to kick off 2013 in style by putting together a terrific show for our fans", explains bassist Frank Forray. "We spent all of 2012 working on our new record. Now that the heavy lifting portion of recording is done, we can begin to turn our attention to performing live and supporting the new record. We have a few months to go before the record is released so in the meantime we have been hard at work rehearsing for the new tour which should kick off in full swing by spring of this year. So this is a great chance to get the band out there in front of fans with the new line up and work out the kinks before the entire tour kicks off."

Frank goes on to explain, "This show will have us performing in Santa Ana, during NAMM weekend which is a special event for us. We are very excited to be a part of NAMM again supporting Furman and their products." Fans can meet Frank, Dennis and Andy at the Furman booth at 11:30am.

"NAMM always allows us the opportunity to see the great next thing before it is in stores", continues Frank. "Being Furman artists and supporting their great products is terrific opportunity for Ninth Circle. We look forward to seeing friends and fans at NAMM this year!"



Los Angeles melodic metal rockers Ninth Circle will be joined on stage by guitarist Andy J. during their set opening for UFO on December 1 at the Marquee 15 in Corona, CA.

"Andy is someone we have known about for a few years", explains bassist Frank Forray. "We have run into him a bunch of times at shows and always enjoyed talking with him about metal and guitars. We also came to know Andy because of his guitar playing. He's a beast of guitar player. Dennis and I were highly impressed with his guitar playing from hearing his solo project. His style and influences are very similar so we thought it would be interesting to have him join us on stage to fill out our sound. I think fans are going to be very impressed."

"I've jammed with Andy a good handful and times and he truly is a natural. The idea of him playing with us live gives us a chance to bring one of those jam sessions to life on stage. I started teaching him a few of the new songs and the next thing you know we were half way through our set. He's had some time freed up lately so when the idea came up of him joining us on stage, it was a no brainer! He is such a cool down to earth guy. Dividing up playing time is like flipping a coin, it's no problem."

Drummer Dave Davis adds, "We have a really big sound, especially for a 3-peice...and when Andy came and played with us, we sounded even bigger - if that's possible!?" (laughs)

Andy J. adds his enthusiasm to playing with Ninth Circle live on stage,"I look forward to hitting the stage with Ninth Circle. It's been a few years since I've played live and I've been trapped in the studio too long as well so it's time to get out there and jam"!




Ninth Circle has spent the majority of 2012 locked away in a studio in Redondo Beach, CA with producer Jeff Prentice recording their follow up record to 2008's The Power Of One. Band is now currently mixing their new album slated to be released in early 2013. The band has decided to provide a unique look behind scenes of their current project and what it takes to record an album.

Bassist Frank Forray provides some insight to what the band has been up to in the studio, "We have been working very closely with Jeff [Prentice] on mixing the new album. Jeff has been putting in some long hours mixing this album and is excited about how it is take shape. Jeff has really been pushing the limits of what we can do and where we should be on this new record."

"The one person we have really been pushing in the studio is Dennis. His guitar work is better than it has ever been...and that's a huge thing to say because he is such a monster guitar player. And his vocals are on a completely different level. Jeff has really worked with him to stretch his vocal abilities. I think fans are really going to be surprised when they hear Dennis on this new album."

"That's a very important point" Dennis adds, "It's no secret that our first 2 albums are very riff driven. I'm not saying that this one isn't, but rather, each song went through at least a few phases of development. Because of that, the songs themselves came out better and we really feel that each one can stand on it's own. When you pick up this new cd, you are surely getting a great representation of where we want to be musically at this point."

Frank also explains about the production value of the new record, "This album will sound light years ahead from our first record and The Power Of One. When we began writing the new record we wanted to move to a more progressive and power metal element. This was a natural move for us. We had also been influenced by that but we did not have the members in the band to really make that happen. Now that Dave [Davis] has been with us for 4 years and was a part of writing and recording the new record we were able to venture down the path Dennis and I have been pushing the band. You will without a doubt hear that on the new record."

"In terms of the production value itself, the sound is incredible. Jeff knew where we wanted to go. He did some homework with bands that were a little outside of where we were going, such as Nightwish, Styx and Foreigner, to hone in a sound that would push into a more powerful direction. He has without a doubt captured the sound we heard in our heads".

Ninth Circle's video update can be viewed here.



The Los Angeles power metal trio, Ninth Circle, have announced they will be opening for the legendary rock giants, UFO on December 1st at the Marquee 15 concert venue in Corona, Ca. This will be the third and final show of 2012 for Ninth Circle who have been working on their brand new record which is scheduled to be released in early 2013. Spending the majority of 2012 working on their new album, the band decided to concentrate specifically on recording and played only two shows up to this point.

Bassist Frank Foray explains the band's enthusiasm about playing with UFO, "Playing with UFO is a massive opportunity for us. We have been fans of UFO since we were in our teens. Over the years we have had the chance to play with Michael Schenker multiple times and were privileged to meet him, watch him sound check and entertain the crowd like no one else with those great UFO classics. Now we have come full circle by being asked to open for UFO who has influenced Ninth Circle in so many ways."

The band is also happy to announce this will be the beginning of their touring cycle to support their upcoming release.

Frank continues, "We have spent the majority 2012 recording our new album. This meant we consciously made a disciplined effort to stay off the road and concentrate on making the best album of our career. We believe we have done just that. Now we are in the final phases of mixing and we can begin to concentrate on being on the road and brining the new tour to our fans in early 2013. Everyone in the band is excited about being on stage again."

"We have been in the rehearsal studio since October working on the new material and the new set. At this point we have worked out the main set so it is just a point of getting comfortable with everything like time changes, intros, endings and running around like maniacs on stage and not bumping into each other."

Look for more dates to be announced shortly!



Ninth Circle has been holed up in the studio since February working on their follow up to 2008's album, The Power Of One. The band is closing in on the completion of their newest record and is in the final stages of completing the album. After a grueling touring schedule supporting their last record Ninth Circle is ready to get going with the release of their record.

Bassist Frank Forray provides an update on the band's progress. "We are very close to completing this current project. All the recording and editing has been completed. Although there are a few touch ups needed on a couple of songs where we feel the vocals could be done a little differently or a guitar part could be added, we are close to being done! Strangely enough we have always received an odd comparison to Def Leppard regarding the length of time it takes us to record an album. This one without a doubt is the quickest one we have completed to date."

Frank continues about the subject matter and context of the songs, "the new collections of songs are without a doubt the strongest and most melodic we have written to date. The subject matter of the songs a drawn from our personal experiences, family history and pure metal attitude. One of our songs titled 'Legions Of The Brave' is a song about a WWII fighter pilot in the south pacific who had completed his mission, just run out of fuel and landed his plane on the last available aircraft carrier. And he is only 20 years old! This song is about Dennis' uncle! So there are some pretty heavy topics on this new album."

In regards to the bands upcoming plans Frank provides some insight, "we are currently in the rehearsal studio practicing our new songs to get ready for the new tour in 2013. We played just a hand full of shows this year so the band is ready to get out there show our fans just how great the new songs are live. We are working on a surprise for December, but we are keeping things under wraps until everything is worked out and signed. Our fans will be very excited about this news!"

Ninth Circle's new record is expected to be released in early 2013 and will contain 11 new tracks plus a bonus track. Look for Ninth Circle to hit the road soon in support of their new release.



The Los Angeles metal band Ninth Circle is currently recording their third album which they promise will surpass all expectations. The band begin recording in February of this year and are now complete with all guitar tracks.

According to bassist Frank Forray, "Dennis has been in the studio with Jeff on a fairly regular basis over the past month. Part of our process is working around Jeff's busy schedule. Not only is he a producer, but he is also a very busy musician so there are some weeks where we have plan around his availability. When Jeff's available, we really put our nose to the grindstone and get things done."

"Dennis has been highly efficient when he's in the studio with Jeff. I had the opportunity to hear some of Dennis' work and he has really outdone himself this time. The solos are just out of this world. Fans are really going to dig what done Dennis has done this time!"

Dennis also took time out of this schedule to sit down answer a few questions about his influences and the recording process.

You can view Ninth Circle's video update # 3 here:

Ninth Circle Video Update #3.


1. NC Fan Club: What got you started playing guitar?

Growing up with the sounds of the late 70's and 80's Hard Rock / Metal. It was natural to want to reach for an instrument and try and recreate the sounds I was hearing. My father bought me my first acoustic guitar when I was 11 and promised to get me an electric guitar if I took lessons for at least a year. That was a no brainer for me.

2. NC Fan Club: What was the best gig you ever played?

I really have a good memory of our 2nd appearance at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. We were direct support for Great White and the place was packed by the time we went on. Because it was our 2nd appearance there we knew what to expect in terms of sound, load in, etc. so we just got up there and did our thing. It was one of those gigs where everything fell into place.

3. NC Fan Club: Tell us about your song writing process?

Frank or myself normally comes to rehearsal with a killer riff or complete song as he plays guitar as well. In some instances, I will fill in the parts where he has a riff and vice versa. We are to a point now where we sometimes have to remind each other who wrote what. Dave does a great job of adding his input as well. Often times he will recommend structure changes for the better and even chimes in on vocal part ideas. It's no wonder that this line-up of Ninth Circle has made our best cd to date. We are looking forward to sharing it with you all!

4. NC Fan Club: How would you describe you playing style?

A combination of all of my influences. I do my best to keep things loose but still melodic. Most musicians go through phases and I am no exception. If you hear a lick here or there inspired by one of the greats, that may be on purpose or it may not be.

5. NC Fan Club: You have been in Ninth Circle since its inception and began playing music with Frank when you were 16, what has that experience been like?

It's been remarkable. When I was younger I am sure I took the role of Frank in the band for granted but the older I get the more I appreciate it. I'm more aware now on how he keeps things together and the band on the same page. He is not just a great bass player but a songwriter and good team player. We've been through many line-up changes and after the dust settles Frank is always still there with me playing the music we love playing.

I tend to do my best work in streaks and when the iron is hot I do all I can which sometimes leaves me easily distracted when inspiration is hard to come by. If I'm not 'feeling' the music or am in a rut, Frank is the one that reminds us to move onto something else and come back to our original idea when the time is right. Frank is the guy that reminds Dave and I which parts we need to nail at practice in order to do them live. Frank is the guy that questions if something is needed or not needed in a song. Frank is the guy!

6. NC Fan Club: What makes Ninth Circle different from other heavy metal bands? 

We have stayed the course in playing what is most often referred to as "Melodic Metal". If you listen to our cd's in order, we're playing the same type of music, just progressing each time. Our new CD demos are exceeding our expectations and we feel as good about our music as ever!

7. NC Fan Club: Tell us an influence that fans might be shocked at?

When we decided to be a 3 piece, I tried to make my vocals sound like James Hetfield. I don't sound anything like James but always really dug his style and the way he accented things. It wasn't until we started recording that the producer told me to take it easy on the "yeah yeah's" or "whoa whoa's" at the end of each line. It was quite comical.

8. NC Fan Club: Budweiser, Newcastle, Sapporo or Paulaner? 


9. NC Fan Club: What's backstage like at Ninth Circle shows? 

As eventful as things are out in front, usually you can find me out front socializing with the other bands or family and friends who came to see us. What I mean is that I would rather hang out with our friends and fans in the crowd than backstage cut-off from a lot of the people. We are a band of the people.

10. NC Fan Club: Give us your Spinal Tap moment? 

We played a summer concert in Long Beach, CA when the sun was beating down pretty hard. I put on at least 3 layers of sunscreen and after a few songs in, I was sweating so much the sunscreen went into my eyes. My eyes immediately started watering but it took 2 songs to get the "sting" out. I played those 2 songs with my eyes closed, luckily I was wearing sunglasses but couldn't wait until after the 2nd song to get a towel. The show must go on...



The Ninth Circle fan club recently sat down with guitarist and vocalist, Dennis Brown, during a break in recording their new record to get some insight about the band's mystery man.

Dennis was more than happy to sit down with the Ninth Circle fan club and answer questions about his influences and what goes on behind the scene with the band.

1. NC Fan Club: What got you started playing guitar?

Growing up with the sounds of the late 70's and 80's Hard Rock / Metal. It was natural to want to reach for an instrument and try and recreate the sounds I was hearing. My father bought me my first acoustic guitar when I was 11 and promised to get me an electric guitar if I took lessons for at least a year. That was a no brainer for me.

2. NC Fan Club: What was the best gig you ever played?

I really have a good memory of our 2nd appearance at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. We were direct support for Great White and the place was packed by the time we went on. Because it was our 2nd appearance there we knew what to expect in terms of sound, load in, etc. so we just got up there and did our thing. It was one of those gigs where everything fell into place.

3. NC Fan Club: Tell us about your song writing process?

Frank or myself normally comes to rehearsal with a killer riff or complete song as he plays guitar as well. In some instances, I will fill in the parts where he has a riff and vice versa. We are to a point now where we sometimes have to remind each other who wrote what. Dave does a great job of adding his input as well. Often times he will recommend structure changes for the better and even chimes in on vocal part ideas. It's no wonder that this line-up of Ninth Circle has made our best cd to date. We are looking forward to sharing it with you all!

4. NC Fan Club: How would you describe your playing style?

A combination of all of my influences. I do my best to keep things loose but still melodic. Most musicians go through phases and I am no exception. If you hear a lick here or there inspired by one of the greats, that may be on purpose or it may not be.

5. NC Fan Club: You have been in Ninth Circle since its inception and began playing music with Frank when you were 16, what has that experience been like?

It's been remarkable. When I was younger I am sure I took the role of Frank in the band for granted but the older I get the more I appreciate it. I'm more aware now on how he keeps things together and the band on the same page. He is not just a great bass player but a songwriter and good team player. We've been through many line-up changes and after the dust settles Frank is always still there with me playing the music we love playing. 
I tend to do my best work in streaks and when the iron is hot I do all I can which sometimes leaves me easily distracted when inspiration is hard to come by. If I'm not 'feeling' the music or am in a rut, Frank is the one that reminds us to move onto something else and come back to our original idea when the time is right. Frank is the guy that reminds Dave and I which parts we need to nail at practice in order to do them live. Frank is the guy that questions if something is needed or not needed in a song. Frank is the guy!

6. NC Fan Club: What makes Ninth Circle different from other heavy metal bands?

We have stayed the course in playing what is most often referred to as "Melodic Metal". If you listen to our cd's in order, we're playing the same type of music, just progressing each time. Our new CD demos are exceeding our expectations and we feel as good about our music as ever!

7. NC Fan Club: Tell us an influence that fans might be shocked at?

When we decided to be a 3 piece, I tried to make my vocals sound like James Hetfield. I don't sound anything like James but always really dug his style and the way he accented things. It wasn't until we started recording that the producer told me to take it easy on the "yeah yeah's" or "whoa whoa's" at the end of each line. It was quite comical.

8. NC Fan Club: Budweiser, Newcastle, Sapporo or Paulaner?


9. NC Fan Club: What's backstage like at Ninth Circle shows?

As eventful as things are out in front, usually you can find me out front socializing with the other bands or family and friends who came to see us. What I mean is that I would rather hang out with our friends and fans in the crowd than backstage cut-off from a lot of the people. We are a band of the people.

10. NC Fan Club: Give us your Spinal Tap moment?

We played a summer concert in Long Beach, CA when the sun was beating down pretty hard. I put on at least 3 layers of sunscreen and after a few songs in, I was sweating so much the sunscreen went into my eyes. My eyes immediately started watering but it took 2 songs to get the "sting" out. I played those 2 songs with my eyes closed, luckily I was wearing sunglasses but couldn't wait until after the 2nd song to get a towel. The show must go on...

11. NC Fan Club: Tell us something fans might not know about Ninth Circle?

Our music gets played on quite a few metal shows around the globe.



Ninth Circle has been locked away in a recording studio in beautiful Redondo Beach, CA working on their brand new record since February. The band is pleased to announce they will perform at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, CA for an unprecedented third straight year in a row at The Hangar concert venue. Ninth Circle is scheduled to perform Saturday, July 21st at 12:30pm. The Orange County Fair is one of Southern California's biggest summer events. Attendance for this yearly event averages over million visitors with last year's attendance figures coming in at 1,135,536 visitors.

The Hanger is a 23,000-square-foot aviation-style structure featuring an incredible lineup of top-notch tribute and original bands. From classic rock and blues to pop superstars, The Hangar at the 2012 OC Fair will rock all summer long.

In 2010 Ninth Circle was selected to be part of the inaugural summer concert series at The Hangar. Ninth Circle was the first heavy metal band to perform at The Hangar. This venerable concert venue opened its doors for the first time in the summer of 2010 and Ninth Circle was selected to be part of the fair's entertainment along with other national touring acts to perform during the 23-day event.

"We are extremely pleased to be performing again at the Orange County Fair", expresses Frank Forray. "The Orange County Fair is a long running summer event that has seen many well-known bands grace its stage over the years. To be part of this event is an amazing thing for us."

Frank goes on to say, "We are completely stoked to be back for this year's event especially since we have been in the studio all year. This is going to be a huge event for us and our fans. What can be better than a summer show at one of the biggest venues in Southern California listening to some brand new Ninth Circle songs before the record is released? We are planning some special things for fans this year."



The Los Angeles heavy metal power trio have been locked away in a recording studio since February working on their follow up to 2008's The Power of One record. Ninth Circle has been furiously working to complete their new record and have released their latest video update from the studio. The band has been documenting their experience in the studio to give fans a behind the scenes perspective of what it is like to record a Ninth Circle record, to work with producer Jeff Prentice and how the amount of work that goes into producing a heavy metal record

"We have been working really hard since February", adds Frank.

"Now we are getting very close to being done! There are a few odd bits to be completed on guitar and we have scheduled a date for the three of us to go in and do backing vocals. That's going to be blast!"

"I can tell you that the boys and Jeff have been working very hard to get this record done. Dennis has been taking the majority of the workload at the moment because he is doing double duty with guitars and vocals. From what I have heard so far, the vocals sound amazing! He has definitely outdone himself this time."

Ninth Circle is currently wrapping up their recording sessions and are expecting to begin mixing and mastering in July to be complete by August.

NINTH CIRCLE Recording Update #2



The Los Angeles power metal trio, Ninth Circle, is hard at work in the studio recording their third studio album. Recording began on February 4 and the band is expected to work through Spring to complete the follow up to their critically acclaimed 'The Power Of One' record.

Bassist Frank Forray offers an update on the band's recording progress, "We have now completed the bass tracks for the new record. Dave took care of his part, the drum tracks, in two days, and a week later I began my bass tracks. With Jeff [Prentice] at the helm, he and I worked diligently over the course of about 7 days to complete the bass tracks for all 12 songs. This is a new experience for us; working at this new speed. It is a much quicker process than last time. In a matter of a month, we've completed a huge chunk of the work."

"So far everything sounds great and all we have are just dry tracks", Frank continues. "The drums sound huge and impressive. It was very easy to track along with Dave's performance since it was outstanding and we were incredibly well rehearsed. So the bass sounds incredibly locked in".

The band has a week off before they begin working on the guitar tracks. "Yes, we scheduled a little of time in between recording the bass and guitar tracks. Jeff had a good suggestion which was to allow Dennis a week to rehearse with the tracks that were recently completed. This should give Dennis a nice timeframe to work with the expected timing for each track and some nuances in arrangement that the three of made when recording the drum tracks."

Ninth Circle is expected to complete the guitar tracks in March which will leave April and May to record the vocal tracks. "When you think about it, we put a lot of expectation on Dennis. He bears the majority of the weight in the studio because he is responsible for the rhythm guitars, solos, lead vocals and his third (or more than a third) of the background vocals. Though don't get us wrong, he's a workhorse and enjoys a good challenge, especially when the end result has such high expectations. We can't wait to see what he delivers! Plus Jeff always gets the best out of him."



The Los Angeles power metal trio, Ninth Circle, began recording the follow up to their 2008 release The Power Of One on February 4 at Ardent Audio Productions in Torrance, CA with Rich Wenzel at the helm engineering the drum tracks. The band offers an update to their current progress.

"We began tracking Dave's drums on Saturday February 4th and finished on Sunday February 5th", explains bassist Frank Forray. "It was a great experience to work with Rich. He was recommended to us by our inner [Ninth] Circle. He was good friends with our former producer Bill Krodell who passed away a few years back. It was important to us to find someone in the family. Rich did a tremendous job with Dave's drums. The tracks are huge, enormous and heavy! Rich's studio is very impressive and extremely comfortable to work in. And Rich himself is a great guy! He was real easy to work with, got the best out of us and was very opened minded with where we were going with each song. I also found his stories about touring with the Beach Boys extremely enjoyable given I'm a huge Beach Boys fan too!"

Frank goes on, "We worked very hard in those two days to lay everything down. Dave was an animal in there as well! He nailed everything in about 2 takes. Listening back to the tracks we started to get sense of what we have on our hands; an excitingly heavy beginning to a real kick-ass metal record. We finished tracks for 12 songs, including a surprise cover."

Dave added, "Yeah, it was a blast working with Rich, everything just seemed to flow...he has a great room, and got some killer drum sounds! The entire 2-day session went like clock-work, we just laid the tracks down, and they worked - they had all the elements we were looking for: energy, groove, dynamics, and intensity."

Dave continues, "I've always been a fan of John Bonham, and he is without a doubt one of my biggest influences. I've always loved his drum sounds; that 'ambient room mic sound' and the huge bass drum sound. Rich was able to get that type of 'open' sound from the room mics, and then combine it with the 'in your face' presence of the close-mic'd sound, and the combination or convergence of those two sound elements results in a huge (I mean HUGE) drum sound!" (laughter)

Dennis adds, "Not only was this the first time we worked with Rich, this is the first time we've recorded with Dave. It was rewarding, as well as inspiring recording with Dave. His experience and talent shined though during those two days, and we hammered those songs out one after the other. There's an old saying that the studio mics don't lie."

"We've all heard stories how things can get pretty tense in the studio..." Dennis continues, "Although it obviously was a task over the 2 days, we approached it in the same manner as we have rehearsing for this recording: the feel was so natural, yet precise. Working with Rich also had significant benefits and his resume speaks for itself. With that being said, this was our first time working with him so there was a small (very small) level of uncertainty. His work not only surpassed our expectations, he hit this one out of the ballpark!"

Frank concludes, "The tracks are now in the hands of Jeff Prentice who will produce the album. We will begin tracking bass and guitars in about week once the drum tracks are edited. So we're moving camp from Torrance to Redondo Beach...ahh to be only steps away from the beach and pubs!"



It has been three years since the release of Ninth Circle's worldwide critically acclaimed record The Power Of One and now the band is ready to return the studio to record their follow up CD. The band enters to the studio February 4th to begin recording with producer Jeff Prentice at the helm, and with assistance from producer Rich Wenzel who will be engineering the drum sessions.

Bassist Frank Forray provides insight to the bands recording schedule, "Here we go! Back to the beautiful comforts of the recording studios here in the South Bay where the sun is always out and the beach is just a stones throw away. The band has been working really hard since we came off the road last summer. Since August we have been locked away in a studio in downtown Culver City creating absolute mayhem that will hopefully turn into the best Ninth Circle album to date!"

"We just finished up the twelfth song this past weekend and now we are locked and loaded, ready to lay down the tracks. It was a really great feeling when we concluded our writing sessions on Sunday. Dave and Dennis were very pleased with where the band stands with each of the new songs. On our final day we did a run through of every song along with a click track that we each had in our headphones so we could properly regulate the tempos. People are often unaware of how much preparation goes into writing and especially recording a record. It is long hours of hurry up and wait, playing your song over and over again to get the right feel and listening back to each track with a clinical ear. It can be very exhausting at times, so fun and goofy outlets are needed while in the studio".

Frank goes on, "With the new batch of songs the entire band and management are gung-ho about what we have to present to metal fans around the world. There's a saying that bands have their entire career to write their first record, if our second record, The Power Of One, is any indication of what lies ahead, we are going to surpass all expectations in terms of musicianship, quality of songs and pure melodic metal! I can't state just how excited everyone is about the new record. We had a blast writing it and we are going to have a blast recording it in the coming months."

Dennis adds, "Frank really sums it up in terms of the excitement and energy around this project. For us, the creative process of recording has always been quite a thrill. What makes this that much better is that we have really focused on having a schedule and plan this time around. Because our focus over the last several months was recording, we were more selective in the shows we played. In prior years we would record "in between" shows, now our focus is the recording itself. Working with great producers has helped us really police ourselves... musically... (laughs). If something doesn't feel 100%, it's put aside until the feeling or parts are right. If that had not been the case, we could have released, say 3 EP's in the last year and a half but what would have been the point ? In 2012, we'll deliver a full length cd which we feel is our best work and has the continuity which you expect in a great recording. As an artist, you always want to have something current available to represent your art. For us, this new CD is it !!

Drummer Dave Davis also commented,"Yeah, I'm really looking forward to laying down the drum tracks on this CD. I have been playing live shows with NINTH CIRCLE for some time now, but this will be our first time in the studio together as a band. And I have to say that the sheer power of this new material is something that is definitely going to get people's attention! This is Melodic Metal at its best...and I mean this new stuff RAWKS!" (laughter)

Frank added, "The band enters the studio this weekend, yes Super Bowl Weekend, to begin recording the drums, and from there we trek back to Jeff's studio in Redondo Beach, CA to finish up the bass, guitars, vocals and mixing. We have taken a lot of grief about The Power Of One taking two years to record; we expect to be done with this new record by summer, in time for the summer tour season. We will also be providing constant updates from the studio on our progress to let fans know where we are in the process. So get ready because a new Ninth Circle record is not far away!"



The Los Angeles power metal trio Ninth Circle are returning to the studio February 4th to begin recording the follow up to their 2008 critically acclaimed The Power Of One record. This news was confirmed today by DJ Gary Clark on Rockulus Maximus on 102.5 FM Caithness radio in Scotland who received first hand information from bassist Frank Forray.

"We are proud to announce that after months of writing, rehearsing and few shows in between, that Ninth Circle will begin recording the next record on February 4th", explains bassist Frank Forray. "We will again be working with producer and friend Jeff Prentice who recorded 2008's The Power Of One. In addition we will also be using the assistance of producer Rich Wenzel of Ardent Studios to produce the drum tracks. Rich comes highly recommended to us by close friends of our previous producer, Bill Krodel who passed away a few years back. Billy was an important piece of the Ninth Circle family, as is Jeff Prentice, so it was important to us to use some one who was in our network and Rich was that guy. We are excited to be working with Rich this time around."

Frank goes on to explain what to expect this time around, "for this record we had written over 20 songs and narrowed it down to the best 13. Dennis and I often refer to The Power Of One record as our Hysteria because took over two years to record and boat load of money to produce. We were locked away in a studio with Jeff Prentice in Redondo Beach, CA for two years perfecting that record. We had a lot of fun, learned a lot and had many sleepless nights figuring out a direction production-wise for each song and you can definitely hear it on that record. This time around we will be spending a shorter amount of time recording this record. This will also be our first record with Dave Davis behind the drums so than will provide us with a different type of engine to push the songs forward. Also we have spent time selecting the right songs that will give the next record a distinct identity from The Power Of One. When we began writing the next record we decided that we were not interested recording The Power Of One II, though this not to say the elements of what make up great Ninth Circle will not be there. This next record is guaranteed to be heavier, faster, melodic and more dynamic than that last one without doubt!"

"Touring for The Power Of One record," Frank continues "gave us a chance to play with so many great bands that had influenced us during our formative years as musicians, such as Y&T, Dokken, MSG, Mr Big, Primal Fear and on and on, and we learned a lot from those guys in terms of song writing and watching it on stage night after night. We wanted to take elements of those melodic heavy bands and capture that spirit of metal! When we began writing for this record the songs just seem to flow naturally for us. Dave brings a great sense of melody and arrangement, and another dynamic song writer. So I have no doubt this next record will blow our fans away! You are going to see Ninth Circle push the boundaries of our musical abilities and give you the best Ninth Circle to date."

"Earlier in the week and I had a brief conversation with Gary Clark of Rockulus Maximus on 102.5 Caithness FM to give him the heads up with the band so he can break the news first! He supported us so we thought it would be nice for our UK fans to hear the news first on the radio! As you can tell the entire band, crew and support team is excited about the new record!"

The band will be entering the studio on February 4th and will be providing updates on their progress in the studio over the following months. Stay tuned for more updates from Ninth Circle! 



Ninth Circle will be appearing at the 2012 Winter NAMM show at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA on Saturday January 21.

A message from the band reads, "Thanks to our good friends at Furman for having us again at this year's NAMM show! We are looking forward to seeing the crew from Furman, their new products and, of course, the fans!"

Ninth Circle kicks off a busy January 2012 with a performance at the all-day Pre-NAMM Festival on January 14 in Redondo Beach, CA hosted by Rock-n-Roll GangStar headlined by Jack Russell's Great White. The two January appearances for Ninth Circle will occur between the final stages of writing their brand new record. The band is expected to enter the studio early this year.



Los Angeles hard rockers kick off 2012 with an appearance at the 2012 edition of the Pre-NAMM festival on January 14 at Delzano's in Redondo Beach, CA hosted by Rock-n-Roll Gangstar Apparel and headlined by Great White's Jack Russell. 

"This is a great way to kick off 2012", says Frank. "We have a lot of exciting news to share in 2012, of course one of them being we will begin recording our new record this year!" 

Frank continues, "Being hand-picked to perform at this year's all-day festival is a rocking way to kick off the New Year. Sharing the festival stage with great bands such as DC4, Jack Russell's Great White and bands from around the world right in our own backyard is just awesome. This event will also kick off a week of NAMM related activities for the band. At this point, I don't want to give away too much, but there's a lot more news to come!"

As expected, Ninth Circle is to begin recording their new record early this year. Sources close to the band's management say more announcements are expected this week about the band's future plans. 



The Los Angeles power metal trio, NINTH CIRCLE, issues their 2011 year in review.

2011 is nearing its end and Ninth Circle is moving toward a new beginning! That new beginning is a brand new Ninth Circle record! Before we talk about that, let us reflect on the heavy year that was 2011. 2011 was year filled with excitement, hard work, fun and truly serious events that shaped the band. 

On only the second day of 2011, Ninth Circle was booked to support Paul Di'Anno of Iron Maiden fame. Unfortunately, due to an unexpected freak snow storm, Paul Di'anno was forced to cancel hours before being on stage. The show went on and Ninth Circle rocked the house into the early morning with a few friends; The Iron Maiden's, Neil Turbin (Anthrax / Deathriders) and Phil Campbell (Motorhead). An amazing night was had by fans who witnessed the impromptu all-star jams.

Discussions within the band early in the year brought about the idea of recording a new record. They decided to do only a handful of shows in the first quarter of the year so there would be time dedicated to writing. With that decision being made, Ninth Circle agreed to open for Quiet Riot in February on their reunion tour. This was a nice homecoming for Dave Davis who was reunited with his former roommate, bassist Chuck Wright of Quiet Riot. This was the first time Quiet Riot and Ninth Circle shared the stage.

February also brought about major disappoint for the band; a break-in at the band's studio. Equipment belonging to the band was stolen and most was never recovered. Dennis' prized Ibanez guitar, the one Phil Campbell of Motorhead played a few weeks earlier, was among the items stolen. The band was devastated and quickly had to find a new home.

March arrived and the band turned their attention to writing the next record. However, promoters came calling and management offered an opportunity of playing a few shows with The Iron Maidens as part of the "Spring Breakout Tour". Ninth Circle obliged as it was too good of an opportunity. The band left the studio to play a few shows in March and April with to road test some new material. 

Just before the band could hit the road, drummer Dave Davis seriously injured his back to the point which he could not carry on playing. Having agreements to play shows in March and April, and the band was added as special guests to the inaugural Inland Empire Metalfest, Ninth Circle was now faced with a dilemma; cancel the tour or carry on with a replacement drummer. Dave's condition deteriorated requiring back surgery and would be out of action for up to three months. With shows on the books and having the reputation of never cancelling a show in the band's 15 year history, the band turned to long-time friend and drummer, Jim Standerfer of One Row Below / Diamond's & Rust.

With only a week's worth of rehearsal under its belt, the band hit the road with fill-in drummer Jim Standerfer playing to packed houses. On the first night of the tour the band welcomed Eric Claro of Scarred on stage for the encore. As a tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio, the band closed their set with an incredible rendition of Dio's "Rainbow in the Dark". 

The last night of the Spring Breakout Tour was a "special guest" appearance at the inaugural Inland Empire Metalfest with Destruction, Heathen and Warbeast. Ninth Circle brought the house down with a brilliant set with Jim Standerfer behind the drums and Ninth Circle drummer Dave Davis in attendance providing moral support during his recovery. It was an incredible evening where the band's nucleus had reunited for the first time in months among friends, family and fans. 

Dave's recovery from back surgery progressed nicely and the band reconvened in June at Frank's home studio to continue writing new material for the next record. This was the first time in over three months the band had gotten together in the same room to discuss and write new material. Within a week the band was back in the rehearsal studio.

Writing sessions continued and it turned out to be a prolific period in the band's writing history. The band was pumping out new ideas quickly. The band wanted to regain the power and enthusiasm of playing live before heading into the studio. It was also a good way to get Dave back into performance shape again after his back surgery. After meeting with management, the band booked a short summer tour that took them from July to August with dates with Lizzy Borden, WW III, Mr. Big and a return to the grand stage at the Orange County Fair. 

Ninth Circle concluded their summer tour with a triumphant night as direct support to Mr. Big. To mark the occasion, Ninth Circle was asked to play an extended set. The band, playing in front of their heroes Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan, Pat Torpey and Eric Martin, left an undeniable impression on every fan in the house that had supported them throughout the year. Everyone was grinning from ear to ear backstage after the set. Almost a full year of ups and downs ended on an incredible high note. 

In mid-August the band returned to the studio re-energized and full of new creative concepts. They plowed ahead and picked up where they left off in the writing session. After spending three months holed up in the studio writing and rehearsing new material, they band decided to close out the year with two shows; a November supporting slot for Great White and a charity event in the form of "Power Metal for Tots", a great evening of Metal featuring Los Angeles' leading four power metal bands, Scarred, Axe Hammer, New Eden and, of course, Ninth Circle

With challengesand the of highs and lows behind them, Ninth Circle now find themselves in a fantastic position, ready to record their third metal masterpiece. Studio time has been scheduled and the producers have been selected. The band is as excited as ever to record what they feel to be their magnum opus. 

In keeping with their tradition the band has not taken any short-cuts and promises to deliver a heavy melodic metal album in 2012!

Thanks for all of your support and we'll see you in 2012! 

There can never be too much metal!

-Dennis, Dave & Frank



NINTH CIRCLE - Drummer Dave Davis Talks Third Anniversary Show

The NINTH CIRCLE Fan Club recently conducted an interview with Ninth Circle drummer Dave Davis. In the interview Davis talks about his time with the band prior to his third anniversary show on November 19th with GREAT WHITE in Corona, CA.

NINTH CIRCLE Fan Club: Dave, tell us about your experience being in Ninth Circle? 

Dave Davis: "Well, the dynamic between the three of us is really good... we get along well, and our natural playing styles complement each other. I think we all felt that the first time we got together and jammed, and it's still that way to this day. It just fits - like pieces to a puzzle - the music seems to fall into place...and I've been in a lot of bands before this one, and believe me, it isn't always that way. This is something really special, and I think we all recognize that."

NINTH CIRCLE Fan Club: What are some of your most memorable moments so far?

Dave Davis: "I still remember the first time we played was actually my audition, and I remember thinking, 'Yeah, this is what a real band is supposed to sound like!' There was just something there, something you could sink your teeth into. We were tight, we were loud, and we just sounded like a band...right from the get-go!"

NINTH CIRCLE Fan Club: What do you bring to Ninth Circle?

Dave Davis: "Drums. (laughter) Well, in addition to playing drums in the band, I'm also a songwriter, and I play guitar and keys on the side; when we're writing and arranging songs, I get to add my two cents...and Dennis and Frank actually listen to my ideas! (more laughter) And sometimes my ideas are good, and sometimes they aren't, but we all get to pitch in and participate in the creative process, and that's really where it's at!"

NINTH CIRCLE Fan Club: Tell us something fans may not know about Ninth Circle?

Dave Davis: "In addition to playing bass, Frank plays guitar quite well, and he writes most of the songs - at least he comes up with most of the initial ideas for the songs. And like I said, in addition to playing drums, I play guitar and keyboards. Dennis plays guitar and sings lead vocals, and that's playing two instruments as well. The fact that we all play other instruments adds to the balance of playing one instrument so that it complements the other, supports it and adds to it, but doesn't interfere with it... I think that's what gives us an added perspective in the area of song arranging. And none of us have egos - that's a huge part of it - we're all in it to make the songs the best they can be, for the song's sake, not for our own personal showcase. (laughter)"

NINTH CIRCLE Fan Club: What is special about Ninth Circle's brand of metal?

Dave Davis: "It's powerful, in your face metal, but our music has melodies you can hum (and remember) - that's why we call it 'melodic metal'. The majority of today's metal bands are screamo, death, or thrash with vocals that are not at all melodic. We actually sing! (laughter)"

NINTH CIRCLE Fan Club: Before we go, can you leave us with something fans may want to know about the next record?

Dave Davis: "Yeah, this CD will have me playing drums on it! I joined the band right after they had released The Power of One, and I enjoy playing the music from the band's first two CD's, but I am really looking forward to putting my own playing style on this recording. We have become a band, in the truest sense, and you will hear that on this CD - it's that special something - it's hard to describe, but you will be able to hear it instantly!
Rock On!"




The Los Angeles power metal trio Ninth Circle is proud to announce Power Metal For Tots on December 3, 2011 at the Aztec Hotel in Monrovia, Ca. This event will be hosted with the US Marine Corps who will be collecting new unwrapped toys.

Ninth Circle has been locked away in a studio writing their follow up to 2008's The Power Of One since August and are now ready to raise the flag of metal again for a good cause by performing at the Power Metal For Tots event. Frank explains the band's decision; "It has been a few months since we have been out there in front of our fans and rocked our brains out. We have been working really hard at writing material for next record and this will afford us a nice break before entering the studio. This will be our second show in two weeks as we are also opening for Great White on November 19. It's a good way to work out some kinks and blow off some steam from the writing sessions."

"The Power Metal For Tots will be a great event, there's no doubt! The bill is impressive. Our very good friends Scarred, whom we have toured with many times, are headlining and our friends Axe Hammer and New Eden also on the bill. The most impressive part of the evening is the US Marine Corps will be on hand to collect new unwrapped toys. Now that's pure heavy metal!"

Heavy metal may not always get good press for its generosity as Frank explains the band's thoughts behind this event, "Now I don't have to remind people about the economy, unemployment statistics and the season for giving is just upon us. You couple that along with a group of metal maniacs and people have a hard time connecting the dots. Metal traditionally has not received the proper attention it deserves for what it does for fans and people in general. I think back to Dio's project in the 80's, Hear 'n Aid which did a fantastic thing for starving people in Africa. It also had a profound influence on me as a kid, a fan and musician. Ronnie created a great legacy for other metal bands to follow. In a small way, this our way of giving something back to our fans and people in the community who may be struggling this Christmas, especially children who look forward to this time of year with such anticipation. We plan to do our best by collecting as many toys as humanly possible this year!"

"This event is going to be huge. All the bands have great followings. The Aztec Hotel is offered its largest ballroom to host this event and the US Marine Corps will be collecting toys. I have a pretty strong inclination that will honor Ronnie and Hear 'n Aid that night as well! So please attend this evening of great power metal and support a terrific cause."

Admission to Power Metal For Tots is free with a new unwrapped toy.



The Los Angeles power metal trio, Ninth Circle, announce they will be opening for Great White on November 19 at the Marquee 15 Theater in Corona, Ca. This will be the band's first show since August when they ended their summer tour and headed into the studio to complete writing sessions for the next record.

Frank explains the decision to play with Great White, "We've been in the studio for almost two months now working really hard writing and rehearsing our new songs. We have been putting in long hours in the studio. There are times when it gets a bit redundant writing and then rehearsing specific parts of songs over and over, but the songs are so powerful and dynamic that the sessions are really enjoyable. The three of us really enjoy each other's company as well so the time flies. If we're not careful, we would just sit there and joke around for hours and not get anything done! We owe our fans a great record to top The Power Of One and we are on track to give them exactly that!"

Frank goes on, "Management approached us with the opportunity to play with Great White again and it was a no brainer; let's do it! We played with Great White before and it was a blast! They are great guys, really laid back and relax. They create a fun atmosphere on stage and backstage so we jumped at the chance. This is also a great way to break up the writing sessions and the stress from rehearsals by getting out on stage in front of our fans and treating them to some new gems before it's released to everyone. You'll get to hear some brand new songs live and raw before they are given that brand new song shine and smell in the studio."

"The new songs are just so damn heavy, melodic and dynamic!" Frank describes. "We are really putting some interesting twists and turns to the new songs. Dennis and I have resurrected a few bits of old song ideas that never matured into anything, but have been given new life with Dave's drumming and arrangement. It's kind of like Frankenstein's lab and we're cutting, slicing and fusing together a metal monster... it's rather fun! And then there's the brand spanking new songs that the three of created from scratch... and those songs are just absolute beasts!"

"Arcturus Rising, After The Rain and All Or Nothing are just pure American power metal at its finest! There are twists and turns everywhere in those songs and progressive arrangements compliment the melodic vocal lines. We think they are brilliant! And there's a good chance you'll hear those songs live November."


NINTH CIRCLE Issue New Writing Sessions Update; Audio/Video Samples Available

Los Angeles power metal trio NINTH CIRCLE have been locked away in studios throughout Southern California wrapping up writing sessions for the follow up record to 2008's The Power of One. According to management the band have been making tremendous progress over the past few weeks and are writing some intensely heavy and dynamic new material. The band's handlers are highly impressed with what the band has come up with so far and are looking forward with great anticipation to the finish product.

"The writing sessions have been great so far", says bassist Frank Forray. "Everyone is in the zone in terms of ideas, arrangement and melody. It's an incredible time to be in the band. I don't ever recall our past writing sessions to be so fluid with ideas. Dennis and I have been set in our ways for years in terms of how we write and Dave brings a fantastic new element of arrangement, timing, melody and overall songwriting. It is really pushing the boundaries of what Ninth Circle is really capable of doing."

Frank gives some insight to current writing sessions, "One of the current songs we are working on is a power ballad called 'Going Home'. Over the summer when we first got back together to write after Dave's surgery, Dave said why don't we write a ballad for the record? To be honest, a ballad was not even on my radar, and I'm a huge of fan the power ballads when done right, such as ones done by the SCORPIONS. So within a few days I had everything written. I brought it to the band and we began to craft its shape. After a few rehearsals Dave suggested a new arrangement for the song and bang! Something I thought was already at a 10 really got shot through the universe! Dave's challenging our formulas which is very good for the band's overall songwriting skills."

"We have been trying to craft some truly dynamic songs which will have that definitive Ninth Circle sound, but the goal is not to be redundant to give our fans an even better listening experience with the new record. I've always enjoyed that excitement as a fan where I couldn't wait for the next IRON MAIDEN record. I wanted to see what they were going to do next, but I knew it was going to have that Maiden sound that I loved."

Final Writing Sessions - Part 1

Final Writing Sessions - Part 2



Los Angeles metal stalwarts Ninth Circle have been locked away in a studio for the last month writing the last few songs for their follow up record to 2008's critically acclaimed The Power of One. The band is looking to record 10 to 11 songs for the next CD and are on schedule to hit that mark.

Ninth Circle began their writing sessions in the winter of 2011 before heading out on tour during late winter through the spring and was coupled with a mid-summer tour after Dave's return from back surgery. The band immediately resumed writing sessions after the summer tour. In midst of 2011 spring tour drummer Dave Davis had back surgery which required time for Dave to heal which took some time away from the band writing together. However, Dennis and Frank kept the dates scheduled for writing to ensure when Dave returned the band could pick up where they left off. And they did, in a big way!

"It was quite a blow to know that Dave was seriously injured to the point it would require back surgery", expresses bassist Frank Forray. "Dennis and I did what we could do to keep on track. We had some brilliant new songs that we began writing as a complete unit and didn't want to lose that momentum. Once Dave was given the Ok by his doctor to travel we all got together at my place and began to write as a band again. A really nice element to the band is Dave is quite an accomplished musician. He's a got a great ear for arrangement and melody and plays guitar very well. I believe you will most definitely hear what Dave brings to the band in terms of arrangement and melody on the next record!"

Dennis adds, "Song and arrangement ideas have just been so natural for this recording. Since we have hammered out alot of these song ideas together, most often a song is ready to perform live after a handful of takes. It will be a real treat to get all of these ideas down to a recording. Just think 'The Power of One' Mach II. With Dave's musical background, I have been getting help with the harmonies this time around. With that musical dynamic, it has made everything much easier, and exciting !"

Frank continues, "The entire band is growing as musicians and songwriters. I can tell you for a fact that my skills have improved dramatically as a songwriter as well as Dennis'. The new songs are much more dynamic and we really pushed what we could do in terms of timing, melody and arrangement. There's a lot of creativity in the band right now and space to explore options that didn't exist previously."

Ninth Circle has been playing new songs live on tour during 2011 and Frank gives some insight to these new songs. "There's no doubt what we wanted to accomplish early in the year; write and road test some new songs in a live setting. And we did that and life events also happened!"

"We worked up a new song called Arcturus Rising, a great heavy up-tempo song that we used to open a few shows. Another song is After the Rain. We began writing this song before Dave's injury. Upon his return it was the first song we through back in the set for the summer tour. Dennis referenced this song as the 'new Power of One'. It's a great heavy and melodic song with a really dynamic intro."

"A few new songs tha we have recently been working on are Legions of the Brave and Going Home. Legions of the Brave is a great example of dynamic arrangements that explores new territory for the band and takes the listener for tremendous ride. The song's lyrical theme is based on Dennis' uncle experience as a fighter pilot in the South Pacific Theater of WW II. There's no greater story teller than history. In addition, this song is anything than predictable!"

"Going Home, by contrast, gives fans a chance to breathe a little and drink in the truly melodic side of Ninth Circle at slower tempo. There's no doubt we are fans of the great melodic power ballads from bands like Scorpions, Dokken, and early Def Leppard and those bands are woven in the fabric of what makes up Ninth Circle. It's fun to play at ripping-roaring speeds, but there's also a level of precision that's required when you're trying to convey an emotion. Going Home does just that and it tells a great story about being on the road."

Ninth Circle is looking to wrap up writing sessions in the coming weeks and to begin pre-production before entering the studio later this year.



Ninth Circle returned from their summer tour and hit the studio to complete their writing sessions for the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2008 release, The Power of One record. The band concluded their summer tour as direct support for Mr. Big's only Los Angeles and Orange County sold-out appearance. 

"That was a huge night for us", says Frank. "We got to play with one of our biggest musical heroes in the world and they did not disappoint personally or on stage. The band and crew were gracious with us and we were asked to play an extended set. Thanks Graham!"

Frank talks about writing the next record, "Now that we are home from the road and had about a week or so to rest we are getting right back at it again! We are picking up where we left off before the spring and summer tours. This means finishing all the songs we have for the next record and writing that last few. Before we left on tour we had about six or seven new songs. We even road tested a few new ones during the spring and summer. Right now we have about eight songs and they are heavy, dynamic and melodic. The ideas are really flowing right now and everyone's input on arrangement is making each song worthy of making the record."

Frank continues, "Our next step will be doing pre-production prior to getting in the studio with our producer, Jeff Prentice. I spoke to Jeff a few weeks back and he is really excited about the new music, especially with our dynamic and melodic feels of each song. At this point, we're hoping to be in the studio by October and work through the Fall and Winter to get this thing out by later 2011 or early 2012."

Frank also has a message for fans, "Don't worry if you don't hear from us in the next few weeks or so, we'll be grinding our axes in the studio producing some killer metal for the masses. Please know the band is really committed to our fans and we are working on some cool stuff behind the scenes to keep all you metal-heads up to date on what Ninth Circle is up to!"



Los Angeles heavy metal outfits, Ninth Circle, are currently The "New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal"(NWOTHM) featured artist on Keep It Metal Radio. 

"This is a big deal for Ninth Circle", says bassist Frank Forray. "We get quite a few offers from various sources in the industry and this one is right up there! The Power of One CD is a strong record and continues to sell well. When new people discover the record they are always amazed at a couple of things; one, the music is heavy and melodic and two, there are only three guys in the band making all the sounds you here live and on the record." 

Frank goes on to say, "We are honored to be the �New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal featured artist' on Keep It Metal Radio. Stay heavy!"

The episode can be heard here:

Ninth Circle is currently in the studio writing the follow up to the worldwide critically acclaimed Power of One CD. 



We are extremely excited to announce Ninth Circle will be returning to the magnificent Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA on August 4, with none other than rock n' roll guitar and bass legends Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big!

Ninth Circle is in the midst of finalizing rehearsals for their upcoming 2011 summer tour which kicks off July 16 in San Bernardino, CA and is scheduled to run through August before the band heads into the studio to record the follow up to The Power of One Cd.

"Our management team has really come up big this summer," says Frank. "We were in a bit of a dire situation back in March when Dave got injured and we had just started the spring tour and were planning to record in the beginning of summer. We weren't quite sure what was on the horizon for us and how long things would be on hold. Our future schedules seriously got rearranged and we had to adjust. Now that we have Dave back and recovered from surgery, a boat load of new and exciting songs to play live and a summer tour where we hit some major venues is a massive boost for everyone in the band! We are all excited that we get to bring out all the big guns for this summer tour and enjoy being a band on the road doing what we do best... rocking!" 

Dennis gives insight to his excitement about playing with Paul Gilbert and Mr. Big, "This sure is a highlight for me and somewhat symbolic in a sense. I discovered Racer X early on as a kid and was amazed at the over the top guitar playing and loved how it was the center of attention for that band."

Dennis goes on to say, "I was lucky enough to meet Paul Gilbert at a charity function in my area right before the first Mr. Big album came out. He actually invited me to the 'Addicted to that Rush' video shoot but I hadn't turned 18 yet so that didn't happen. I settled for a guitar pic at the time and for me that was like gold. Two decades later I had the opportunity to get a few guitar lessons from Paul and jumped at the chance. Now Ninth Circle is supporting Mr.Big... what an honor! Paul's passion for music and his innovations are so evident and inspiring. And Billy Sheehan? What's to say that hasn't already been said! Another truly great musician and innovator."

Dave remarked, "This show will be a lot of fun...Pat Torpey and I have been acquainted for many years now, and I highly respect him as a drummer, and as a friend, and he's a great singer too! We have never had the opportunity to have both of our bands playing together at the same show, so this will surely be a blast!"



The Los Angeles heavy metal machine that is Ninth Circle returns to one of the largest summer events in Southern California. For the second straight year Ninth Circle is proud to announce their return to the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, CA on July 31. Ninth Circle will perform at The Hangar which is the main concert venue on the grounds of the fair.

The Hanger is a 23,000-square-foot aviation-style structure featuring an incredible lineup of top-notch tribute and original bands. From classic rock and blues to pop superstars, The Hangar at the 2011 OC Fair will rock all summer long.

In 2010 Ninth Circle was selected to be part of the inaugural summer concert series at The Hangar. Ninth Circle was the first heavy metal band to perform at The Hangar. This venerable concert venue opened its doors for the first time in the summer of 2010 and Ninth Circle was selected to be part of the fair's entertainment along with other national touring acts to perform during the 23-day event.

Attendance for this yearly event averages over a million visitors with last year's attendance figures coming in at 1,135,536 visitors.

"This is really exciting for Ninth Circle," Frank expressed when asked about the band's return to this venue. "The Hangar is a great venue with one of the largest stages in Southern California. It has acres of space to run around on and the OC Fair is just a terrific summer event."

"Last year was an amazing experience", Frank goes on to say. "To be part of a select group of bands and entertainers who were the first to perform on that stage was incredible. And to be the first heavy metal band to perform at The Hangar meant a lot to us. It allowed to us to perform in front of huge crowds where many of the people in attendance may not have been specifically Ninth Circle or heavy metal fans, but we were able show everyone what a great heavy metal concert is all about. Suffice to say, we converted quite a few people into fans that day. Heck, there's a little bit of Ninth Circle in everyone!"

"The band is looking forward to being a part of this event again this year and being back on that stage performing in front of all those people. This will also be a very special event for the band given Dave has recovered from back surgery, and we are now able to be on the road this summer. It is a great boost for the band!"



Ninth Circle is excited to announce the second date of their 2011 summer tour. The tour kicks off on July 16 in San Bernardino, CA with a headlining show at the Marquis Lounge. This is followed by the second date of the tour, July 23 in Garden Grove, CA at The Can Club. This show will see Ninth Circle share the stage with two heavy names in the world of metal: Lizzy Borden and Mandy Lion's WW III.

Bassist, Frank Forray, describes the band's excitement, "This is a major treat for Ninth Circle to be playing with two great names in metal. We've been friends with WW III for a bit and played with them earlier in the year. They're a great band. And wow... to be playing with Lizzy Borden, man that's going to be killer! Dennis and I were inspired by them back when we were in high school and we saw them in the movie The Decline of Western Civilization. We used to play their version of Born to Be Wild at high school parties!"

Drummer, Dave Davis commented, "Yeah, this show's gonna be freakin' LOUD n' HEAVY!" (laughter)

More dates are expected to be released soon! 



Los Angeles' very own heavy metal powerhouse, Ninth Circle, announces the first date of their 2011 Summer Tour which kicks off in July and runs through August.

Band management reports, "We are proud to announce the first date of Ninth Circle's 2011 Summer Tour, which the band has dubbed Dave's comeback tour. When the band sat down together for the first time two weeks ago after Dave's three-month doctor ordered rest, it was clear there was a serious tone in their conversation about getting back on the road. Dave now is in good health and still has some very minor restrictions to ensure his near perfect recovery. He was adamant that the band get back out on the road which impressed a rather hesitant Dennis and Frank who were committed to Dave's recovery. The band as a unit gave management the thumbs up and the wheels were put into motion to lock up dates in some major venues, events and with major players in the world of heavy metal and hard rock."

Management continues, "The band is also committed to recording a new record this summer and given Dave's injury the band's recording schedule has been pushed back a few months. This summer tour will allow the band to strengthen their musical bond and get all the kinks out before heading into the studio as well-oiled and rehearsed metal machine."

"We are pleased to announce that Ninth Circle will kick off their 2011 summer tour on July 16, headlining at the Marquis Lounge in San Bernadino, CA with special guests Chasing Ghosts and Diamonds & Rust."

Ninth Circle will be announcing more dates in the coming days.



Los Angeles power metal trio, NINTH CIRCLE, announce they will return to the road this summer for a handful of dates. After drummer Dave Davis taking a four month sabbatical to recuperate from back surgery and the band wrapping their spring tour with fill drummer Jim Standerfer, Ninth Circle is ready to hit the road this summer before heading into the studio to record their follow up to 2008's The Power of One.

Ninth Circle will hit the road from mid-July through the beginning of August performing in front of some sizeable crowds and esteemed venues.

"This will be a great comeback tour for Dave", says Frank. "Dave couldn't be with us for the majority of the spring tour so this will be a fantastic homecoming. We also thought it would be very important to get back into shape performance and playing-wise before we go into the studio and record. It's important to rebuild that cohesion and musical bond on the road so by the time we are ready to record everything is natural and second nature to us again".

"Yeah," Dave adds, "it'll be great to be back on the road with the guys...I've been missing my time rockin' out behind the drums! And the new music is really strong...this summer is gonna be extra fun!"

Frank also reveals there will be some special events and surprises on this tour. "Yes, we are in the final stages of signing everything for this tour and you will see Ninth Circle on some major stages and on the same bill with some recognizable names. The only hint I can give you at this point is Dennis [Brown] practically went into convulsions when found out who we will be sharing the stage with... this one is 'BIG'!" 

Dates for Ninth Circle's Summer Tour 2011 are to be released later this week!



Los Angeles power metal trio NINTH CIRCLE announces their "Spring Breakout Tour 2011" with the legendary all female tribute to Iron Maiden and good friends, The Iron Maidens.

"Well you can't keep a dog from sniffing fire hydrants, and you can't keep us off the road for long", says Frank. "Here we are again, another year and another tour... and yes, we know we're supposed to be working a new album... and we are! We're very close to finishing up our writing sessions which have been very productive. Eight songs are written with only a few more to write before we head into the studio in June to start recording. So we figured we'll hit the road for a few dates before June to road test a few songs and see how they go over with fans".

Frank goes on to say, "Some good fortune came our way after a very bad situation. The good news is that we are doing two shows with the gals from the Maidens. They're good friends of ours and we've played several times. They are also fun to watch, fun to jam with and fun to hang with! So this little tour is just what we need. Heck, who doesn't love Maiden and who doesn't love The Iron Maidens?"

"Now the bad news: last month our studio was broken into, and we lost some equipment. Talk about a really lame situation. About five studios were broken into and some friends of ours, One Row Below, lost a ton of stuff. Luckily we were on the road so the majority of our stuff was in use. Dennis unfortunately lost a killer guitar and a pedal board. The guitar that he lost was the one that Phil Campbell from Motorhead played when he jammed with the Iron Maiden's in January. So this tour comes at the right time so we can get our head's straight by playing a few shows before we move into a new studio with a new vibe".

"As for now we've got a few dates on the calendar and don't be surprised if you see a few more as the rest of the first half of the year goes. So check back soon and often as more dates will be announced!"



Fresh from the studio, the boys of NINTH CIRCLE announce three new dates for 2011 beginning this Friday, February 25th, with a show in Corona, CA with 80's legends MISSING PERSONS and Mandy Lion's WW III. This will be an opportunity to for fans to hear new material from NINTH CIRCLE before it is released on CD.

The band will then play two more additional shows, the first on March 19 with the IRON MAIDENS in Garden Grove, CA, and then kick off the summer touring season by performing at the Inland Empire Metal Fest with DESTRUCTION and HEATHEN in Yucaipa, CA on May 21st. 

"We've been working pretty hard the past few months writing and demo-ing some new songs and ideas", comments Frank. "At the moment we're up to 8 new killer songs, and the stuff we're coming up with is just insane! We have some really heavy power prog metal concepts for the next album. Great time changes, riffs, melody and spacing to give the listener a sense of what is really possible with this band."

Frank goes on to say, "Now that we have a few shows lined up, this gives us a chance to road test some new material. We did that last year in March with one or two of the new songs that will be on the record. Then summer came around, and we put off writing to hit the road for summer. We've been really serious about writing this past winter and we have three or four more songs to write before we're off to record."

According to sources to close to the band, working titles for the news songs are, "Arcturus Rising", "All or Nothing" and "The Quickening", and they confirm the songs are on the melodic and progressive / power metal side.



Los Angeles power metal trio, Ninth Circle, emerges from the studio for their second show of 2011 with the reunited Quiet Riot at Brixton on February 3, in Redondo Beach, CA. 

Ninth Circle has been hard at work in the studio writing the follow up to their Power of One CD and have agreed to leave the studio to play a hand full shows during their writing sessions; once with Paul Dianno of Iron Maiden fame and the other to play with the newly reunited Quiet Riot.

"Quiet Riot holds a very special place in Ninth Circle", expresses Frank. "Quiet Riot was one of the very first bands other than Ozzy and Van Halen that I really got into as very young kid. Metal Health may have been the first or second tape I ever had along with Def Leppard's High 'n Dry. I remember wearing that tape out listening to that album. Kevin's voice really struck a chord with me and Frankie's drum playing really just made want to be musician before I even knew where to buy a guitar. And now to be playing with Quiet Riot is something of a dream come true!"

Frank goes on, "Back in the later part of 2010 we got a call from management asking if we wanted in on this show. We said of course! Dennis, Dave and I knew we were going to put some time into writing this new album, but the itch to play live is so alluring, especially when you're being asked to play with such a quality band like Quiet Riot. And this will be an especially memorable evening given Dave has some history with Quiet Riot".

Dave adds, "Yeah, Chuck Wright has been a good friend for a long time...we even used to play in a band together, years ago...he's a great guy and an awesome musician. I'm excited about this new reunion of Quiet Riot...Frankie has always been one of my favorite drummers, and their new frontman, Mark Huff is a great singer...I'm really looking forward to playing this will definitely rock!"



Los Angeles power trio, Ninth Circle, teamed up with the Los Angeles Kings to fight children's cancer by helping raise funds and awareness for children's cancer research.

Dennis Brown and Frank Forray were on hand as part of the Los Angeles Kings annual Children's Cancer Research Fund raising event at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles on December 9, when the Los Angeles Kings played the Calgary Flames.

"It was a great honor to be part of this year's event", states Frank. "As a lifelong Kings fan, hockey fan and as a hockey player myself, it was terrific to be part of such a great event and noble cause. It is amazing to see just how many people and organizations get involved with this project each year."

"It was a good experience to be able to contribute and take part this year, especially around the holidays", adds Dennis. "It was quite inspiring to see what certain organizations and individuals have accomplished during this past year. When you see the percentages of awareness going up using real numbers, it shows how these things do make a difference. Unfortunately it is still all too common that many visit their doctor when they have to, rather than taking the precaution with regular check-ups."

Frank goes on to say, "Yes, Ninth Circle is a heavy metal band and sings about "heavy metal things", but we also recognize that many of our fans are parents and are cancer survivors so it is important to use whatever influence we have to beat the drum to help beat cancer in all its forms".

The Los Angeles Kings are class act and Ninth Circle thanks you for getting us involved.



With 2010 coming to a close NINTH CIRCLE offers a year in review by looking back at an exciting and adventurous year.

January kicked off fast and furious. The whole band was invited to the NAMM convention in Anaheim, Ca as members of the Furman Sound team. NINTH CIRCLE was also invited for the first time to perform at a NAMM after party in Corona, Ca the home Fender Guitars. Dennis also was part of Paul Gilbert's private guitar jam sessions. Nothing like jamming with one of your heroes! 

In February the band picked up where they left off by handling opening duties for the one and only Paul Di'Anno's on his first shows in California in over 15 years. That was an experience to remember! 

March, in like lion out like a beast! March saw the birth of Frank's first child and a show that saw him go straight from the hospital delivery room, to the stage and back. NINTH CIRCLE also was hand selected to open for Finish power metal legends, HammerFall. Hearts on Fire! 

April and May - the band took some time off from the road for Frank to adjust to being dad, but the band was hard at work in the studio working on new material. The band did return to the road at the end of May test drive new songs in front of fans. Scream for me Venice! 

Summertime's here babe... June had the band back on the road with headlining shows in Huntington Beach, Yucaipa and playing with Sunset Strip legends Steel Panther. Can you say lipstick and leather?

Lighting up the sky like the 4th of July! NINTH CIRCLE returned to the stage with the one and only Michael Schenker. What an amazing summer night in July. Under the stars with a living legend and rock star! 

The dog days of summer... August saw the band play one of its largest shows to date by performing at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, Ca. Playing in front of thousands really brought out the best in the band. We were born for events like that!

September gave the band a well-deserved break from the road and a chance for each member to reenergize. September also saw the band returning to the studio to work on writing new material. 

Viva Las Vegas! October brought NINTH CIRCLE to the Las Vegas strip with good friends Scarred. Two nights in Sin City with some heavy weights of metal was exactly what Sin City needed.

November, there's a change in the air. NINTH CIRCLE was once again hand selected by metal legends Dokken at their hometown show in Redondo Beach and Ruthless to open for their headlining shows in California along with Anger As Art. Surprise attack that night by Betsy Bitch! Great show Betsy!

December, NINTH CIRCLE closes out the year by performing at KCAL 96.7FM Xmas party with the Atomic Punks. Who says Xmas doesn't go with Van Halen.



Los Angeles heavy metal power trio NINTH CIRCLE has had their December 29th show at Alpine Village in Torrance, CA canceled according to band management.

The message from the band reads, "Due to another scheduling conflict with the venue Ninth Circle will no longer be performing at Alpine Village on December 30th. As many of you recall, this show was rescheduled from November. The band is very disappointed we will not be able to bring our end of the year party to such a great hall and to see so many of our fans and friends. Please accept our apologies as this situation is beyond the band's control. We look forward to making this up to all our fans very soon!" 

Ninth Circle however is not resting during the break as they are in the studio writing new material for their follow up The Power of One which is due out in 2011.



Los Angeles rockers, Ninth Circle, will be kicking 2011 in fine fashion as they ring in the New Year with legendary Iron Maiden vocalist, Paul Di'Anno at the Dive at the Brixton, Redondo Beach, CA on Sunday, January 2, 2011.

"We were very excited to be asked back to play with Paul again as he returns to Southern California. He is such a huge influence to Ninth Circle, the music, his persona and his voice", details Frank.

Frank goes on to say, "This show is massive for us. The show he is doing that night is a private event which will only have less than 200 tickets available for the general public. It's not going to be in the main hall, it's going to be where they host the after parties. So this is going to be personal close up experience with a living legend."

"We got the call from our management saying, pzzz... Paul's in town for a small private type gig and they want you guys to open for them again! Of course! Yeah! Obviously we're in the middle of writing our next album, but when the mighty metal bells toll, you answer them!"

Ninth Circle will return to the studio to finish writing the follow up to The Power of One for release in 2011. Word from around the studio and those who have been invited in to listen is the new songs are heavy and progressive.



NINTH CIRCLE will be celebrating drummer Dave Davis' two year anniversary on November 7 by supporting Dokken at the Brixton in Redondo Beach, CA.

"Dave has brought new life, energy and direction to Ninth Circle", says Frank. "Two years ago we had just finished the recording of The Power of One, agreed to the release date of December 2008, we had booked the tour and then our drummer had gone AWOL. It took Dennis and I about two weeks to find Dave and about two minutes to determine he was the right guy for the job...and we we're right!"

"That's an important point" Dennis adds. "When you are playing the music you love, you want to play with someone who is as enthusiastic about the music as you are. A session drummer may get you by on a recording, but especially want someone back on the kit who wants to be there. So many artists come together out of business relationships that it is good when you can find someone the 'old fashioned way'."

Dave Davis has truly pushed Ninth Circle to new heights musically and performance-wise. "With Dave onboard we are able to really push ourselves musically", explains Frank. "He has opened new doors and avenues for Ninth Circle to explore in terms of performance and song writing. I think his first time on stage with us he opened up the show with a drum solo. That was a really nice way to break him in to Ninth Circle. No pressure, huh?" Plus Dave is a really good guy and crowd favorite. He's easy going and fans always enjoy meeting and hanging with him."

"Has it been two years?" Dave remarks, "Crap, my parole officer is going to be looking for me..." (laughs)

Dave adds, "Time is relative, but if your relatives don't have time for you, that's the time when you need relatively more time...or so I've been told - but it was by a relative who didn't have time to fully explaing it to me." (more laughs) "Uncle Albert, he always was relatively strange..."

"But no, seriously," Dave continues, "I like being in this band...and in a 3-piece band, it is always easier to make those important career what toppings to get on your pizza!"

Ninth Circle prepares to bring their rock 'n' roll party to the Brixton in Redondo Beach, CA on November 7 as they open for Dokken. Frank adds, "This will be a great way to celebrate Dave's second anniversary with us, with a huge show with Dokken. We played with Dokken in '09 in the middle of our Power of One Tour. It's going to be great to catch up with Don and boys."



Ninth Circle brings the fall leg of their Power of One Tour to Las Vegas with two special nights. The band will be performing at the Beauty Bar on Freemont Street on Thursday, October 14 and then headlining at the world famous Divebar just off the strip on Friday, October 15.

"This is a very big deal for Ninth Circle and Ninth Circle fans in Las Vegas", explains Frank. "We have been fielding offers from a lot of places and when this one came across we had no choice but to accept it and bring our rock 'n' roll party to Las Vegas. I know we have been saying that after our summer tour dates, we were going back to the studio to finish writing, which we have been doing, but the lure of the road is so great that we keep getting back out there. We're becoming serious road dogs...iron horses."

Frank goes on, "Playing Las Vegas will be such a treat for the band and for our fans. We have some really special things in store for both nights: one of them is bringing along our good friends Scarred to play with us on Thursday night - now that's going to be a really party! After the Las Vegas shows and the shows in November, we've discussed using December to finish writing the new record. At this point we have 7 - 8 songs written, so we're really close to having the nucleus of the new record intact. We also plan to road test many of our new songs in October and November."

Ninth Circle will also be taking part in two events while in Las Vegas. On Thursday, October 14 at 5:00pm fans can meet the band at the Las Vegas Hilton's Octoberfest. And on Friday, October 15 at noon, fans can meet the band at the Vegas World Beer Fest being held at the corner of Flamingo and Koval.

Check the band's Facebook and MySpace pages, as well as this website for pictures and updates from Las Vegas...



Ninth Circle has once again been asked to open Dokken on the last night of their tour in Los Angeles, at Brixton.

"This will be a very special night for us," says Frank. "We had the terrific opportunity last year to open for Dokken during their Lightning Strikes Tour while we were in the middle of our Power of One Tour. I had just gotten back from Scotland the night before and the very next night, we're on stage with Dokken! They treated us very well. Don, the band and the support staff were very gracious to us. We all hung out backstage having a blast, sharing stories and a drink or two. It was an incredible experience to be playing with one of your childhood heroes. I remember Don telling us that 'it has to be all about the music' and we agreed. It was a very good night".

Frank goes on to say, "Seeing how Dokken is closing out their tour in their own backyard - and ours (Redondo Beach, CA) that night, it was an honor to be asked to open for them. It's going to be a great hometown show. This will likely be our second to last show for the year before we head back to the studio to finish writing our next album, so it is going to be a huge show for us."



Just as Ninth Circle is ready to head back to the studio to finish writing new songs for their follow up to The Power Of One CD, the band will be hitting the road in October and November.

"We had a really good run of tour dates and writing sessions during the summer tour," describes Frank. "Our goal was to wind down after the summer tour and to finish writing the next album. We've got about seven or eight songs worked up right now with a goal of writing ten to eleven. I can tell you the new songs are heavy... I mean really heavy. The writing sessions have been very productive, and with Dave involved in the writing, it is giving me and Dennis a great new perspective in texturing the songs and giving them a lot of dynamics."

Frank goes on to explain about a few of the new songs written so far, "here's an update to wet your whistle... we just started to write a song call Arcturus Rising. It's a really heavy song that's has a lot energy and driving guitars and double bass drumming. Another is called, Living on the Sun. It's a great title with a great grove. It's a very melodic song with a great Bonham-like drum style behind it. Dave is strongly influenced by Bonham, so that makes the grove and rhythm of this song really stand out. And the last song I'll tell you about is called All or Nothing. It's a song that's dedicated to, and about a close friend of ours who passed away a few years ago. It's a great balls-out song, written about a guy who was definitely balls-out. You could say he was 'all or nothing!'" 

"And we've got another new song called No More Lies", Dave added...and I'm not lying about that, I swear - no, really, I'm not!" (laughter)

The band is getting ready to hit the road again in a few weeks after a little break, with dates in October and November.



Ninth Circle has been tapped to open for the new super group Hard Rock Allstars as the finale of their Summer Vengeance Tour 2010. Hard Rock Allstars feature Jamie St. James (Black N' Blue) Juan Croucier (Ratt), Jon E. Love (Love/Hate) and Pete Holmes (Black N' Blue).

On the heels of Ninth Circle's successful The Power of One Tour and during their equally successful Summer Vengeance Tour, the band has been asked to open for several marquee acts in rock n' roll such as, Dokken, Great White, Y&T, MSG, Primal Fear, Hammerfall and on and on. "This is just another great indication of just how popular and in demand Ninth Circle is becoming", explains Frank.

"We've been on the road full force since November of 2008 just before The Power of One CD was released in December of that year, and we have been going strong ever since. Since the kickoff show in Hollywood with Love/Hate, a ton of great opportunities have come our way. And many of these great shows have found us! I think this speaks highly in part to the strength of our songs and, most importantly, our live shows which really feature our songs and our ability to perform them well on stage."

Frank continues, "now as we are winding down our Summer Vengeance Tour, we are handed this great opportunity to play this great new super group on their third show. This will be a nice way to close our summer tour supporting a great new band and Jon E. Love of Love/Hate, which was the band we supported on the opening night of the tour. This is going to be one hell of a rock n' roll party!"

Ninth Circle has been writing and road testing new material for the follow up release to critically acclaimed The Power of One CD. Word from the camp is that they will begin recording in the fall.



As the summer begins to heat up, so does NINTH CIRCLE's tour itinerary. Their Summer Vengeance Tour 2010 (aka Escape the Studio Tour) began on June 11 and will keep them on the road until the end of August. Then it is off to the studio to begin writing and recording the much anticipated follow up to "The Power of One" release. Since the beginning of the tour, the band has played with such notable acts and Michael Schenker and Steel Panther to rave reviews.

Now as August arrives, the band will once again venture into venues and play for a mass audience at the annual Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California. This is an annual summer event which consists of a great summer concert series with headliners such as, Scorpions, Dokken, Ratt, Sammy Hagar and Heart and hosts over a million visitors a year for a 23 day event.

"This is a massive opportunity for NINTH CIRCLE. We've played in front of some large audiences, but this is sure to be a grand experience. Living in Southern California, we were always excited to see who was on the bill each summer and checked out great shows under the summer we'll be on stage and some So Cal kid will be thinking exactly the same thing! ", explains Frank.

He goes on to say, "I remember seeing Ozzy there and Van Halen. It's a great venue and there are just so many people that it is a bit surreal to comprehend that we are now playing this place. The band can't wait and neither can our fans!"

NINTH CIRCLE concludes their Summer Vengeance Tour 2010 on August 28 in Yucaipa, Ca with friends Ruthless. Frank details, "we were on the bill for their first show in 22 years last year. That was an honor. They are really great guys and a brilliant band. We saw Sami (De John) at our show when we played with HammerFall back in March. It was good to catch up with him again. Even more interesting, is that Dennis [Brown] had met Jim Durkin years ago when he was with Dark Angel. Dennis had bought an amp from Jim that once belonged to Kerry King! It's a small metal world..."

Dennis adds... "Yeah, that was very cool. It was before Craigs List and 'The Recycler' had just gone online. I didn't know until I showed up at his place and I still have that power amp to this day !. It's been about a year since we played with them live so looking forward to the August gig in Yucaipa."



The Los Angeles heavy metal power trio NINTH CIRCLE has released a video tour book chronicling their successful 2009-2010 The Power of One Tour as a "Thank You" to their fans. The tour lasted over 18 months and saw the band play along side some of the giants of the metal world such as Primal Fear, HammerFall, Dokken and Y&T.

"This was by far the most grueling and fun tour we have ever done as a band", recalls Frank. "The guys in the band and the crew make it worthwhile and make every night a blast. The tour kicked off in Hollywood and it just kept going and going. There were a few times where we thought this couldn't go much longer, then management came backstage and said they were extending the tour. Each time that happened it just fired us up even more! It was like, Y&T are coming to town on their 35th anniversary tour, you guys want in? Paul Di'Anno is in LA for the first time in 15 years, you want in? Michael Schenker is back with Gary Barden, you want in? And each time we said, YES!

"Playing with bands you like is really motivating" adds Dennis. "Too often, bills are put together solely based on business ties. I have been to such gigs and it leaves you thinking 'Why are THEY here'. It definatley makes a difference knowing the audience likes the same music we do. When I was sent the video, it really brought me back to some of these gigs. I am thinking that there should be a part 2 because there were even more highlights which were captured on tape."

Dave added, "It was really nice to be playing shows with, meeting and hanging out with some excellent musicians, like Randy Black of Primal Fear...he's a great guy and an awsome drummer." He continued, "You know, this business has some great perks: you get to travel, you get to rock and play loud music, and you get to meet a lot of cool people. I call that a winning hand."

Frank goes on to say, "We got play in front of so many new fans and made some terrific friends along the way. I can't wait to record the next album and head back to support that record!"

NINTH CIRCLE is currently on their Summer Vegeance Tour 2010 (aka Escape the Studio Tour) before they head into the studio this fall to record their follow up to The Power Of One.



"The world has lost a legend and heavy metal lost its king. It is with heavy hearts that we remember this metal giant that has influenced so many. Ronnie James Dio had a profound influence on the music of NINTH CIRCLE. Because of Ronnie's influence, NINTH CIRCLE has developed in such a way over the years, lyrically and musically. He always had a way to paint a terrific picture with his words - and it matched up so powerfully with the music and his voice. He was one of the world's greatest vocalist, songwriters and performers. He will be missed."

Long live rock and roll



NINTH CIRCLE has been tapped to support MSG during their 30th Anniversary tour in Yucaipa, CA. This will be NINTH CIRCLE's second time supporting MSG in CA. 

Frank explains, "the band has had the good fortune to be direct support to Michael Schenker last in Redondo Beach, CA during the Schenker-Barden reunion tour. That was a really amazing night! We got to play with one of our guitar heroes and hang out with him during sound check. It was absolutely surreal. A very nice aspect of playing with Michael is that we have mutual friends in and around the business so it was really easy to hang out and interact. It was a very casual evening for both bands."

"Now that he's back in CA doing his 30th Anniversary tour for MSG we were asked to open for him at a much larger venue", Frank continues. "We are very excited about that! NINTH CIRCLE has headlined at this venue a few times and the fans are just rabid about metal out there. So to share the stage with MSG again and in Yucaipa will be absolute mayhem!" 

Dennis adds, "A big stage, great sound system and headbangers everywhere up there, what more could we ask for? This will be a great gig for us."

Dave was busy trying to find the last two peices from his packet of Skittles, which seemed to have mysteriously fallen down between the cusions of the couch...and he was heard mumbling something about 'other dimensions of the physical universe'.

NINTH CIRCLE embarks on their Summer Vengeance Tour 2010 beginning May 26 before they had back to the studio to record the follow up to the "Power of One" album. More dates will be announced shortly!



Los Angeles heavy metal power trio NINTH CIRCLE has issued an update after a month in the studio writing the follow up to their critically acclaimed CD, 'The Power Of One'. 

"We finished The Power Of One Tour in grand style by playing with Swedish metal legends HammerFall at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA in front of a 1000 screaming metal maniacs. That was definitely a night to remember! All the guys in HammerFall were down to earth and truly funny. "'re a crack up!" recalls Frank. "Yeah... like so many nights on the tour, we get to play, pack up and then enjoy a killer show" Dennis adds. 

Frank continues, "The band has been so busy over the past 18 months touring that we felt it was time to head back to NINTH CIRCLE headquarters down by the docks and begin working on the follow up to The Power Of One. After playing so many shows with some heavy hitters, we knew we had to step up our game write a really heavy and melodic record. So far, we've got six songs down and have road tested a few. We got to road test a brand new song called 'All or Nothing' at the HammerFall show. There's video of if on our MySpace site. This should give fans an idea of where we are headed with the new record. It's a pretty exciting time for the band right now. Everyone's creative juices are flowing and every time we head to the studio we're bringing in new piece of music that's just incredible". 

NINTH CIRCLE will be in the studio for the remainder of May to finish writing their new album. Word within the band is that there is talk of a summer tour consisting of a few outdoor festivals and special one-off shows.



As Los Angeles rockers NINTH CIRCLE wind down their Power Of One Tour 2008 - 2010 next Wednesday with Swedish power metal outfit HammerFall, the band is already looking toward their next steps.

Their Power Of One Tour kicked off in November 2008 and carried on through March 2010 playing with such notable acts such as Dokken, Primal Fear, MSG and Y&T- the band has surpassed all expectations with ticket, merchandise and album sales. Now as the final show of the tour approaches, the band is looking toward the future, and very bright one at that. Frank provides insight, "We've had an amazing ride over the past 16 - 24 months. Recording The Power Of One was a really interesting and long experience. We had a lot fun and experienced lot of challenges as well. Not to mention a lineup change right before the release of the album and the beginning of the tour. We more than overcame that challenge, and from that point on, it's been onward and upward, really. We got to play and hangout with some of the biggest names in heavy metal and that opened other doors for us down the road that gave us greater exposure and confidence."

As the tour winds down Frank explains what's next. "As for what's next for NINTH CIRCLE, we've already begun to create our future. Between shows this year we started to write new material for our next album. We have 4-5 really great new songs that we have been previewing and road testing this year. With the HammerFall show coming up, the set will mostly consist of new material, sprinkled in among the hits like The Power Of One and Frontman. It's a way to get fan reaction and connect with our fans as well. After this show we will all head back to the studio during April and May to keep writing and hopefully come up with the rest of the material for the next album. And then possibly look toward the end of summer of beginning of fall to begin recording. Nothing's in stone just yet, but part of having success is having a plan." 

Regarding summer shows for the band, Frank continues, "Never say never in rock and roll, and we are definitely all about being a band that plays live as much as possible. We keep getting offers to play out, but we'll see how our summer looks after our writing sessions in April and May. I think there's a good chance you'll see us on the road this summer."

NINTH CIRCLE winds down it's tour on Wednesday, March 31 with HammerFall at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA.



"...Bands like Ninth Circle are the driving force of the underground; their high quality works keep the genre alive. It is very encouraging to see that there are still some bands out there who want to reproduce the early Queenryche feeling, the traditional U.S. power style that produced so many great albums..."   Read the entire review at:



Ninth Circle, currently on the second leg their Power Of One Tour, will be spotlighted on UK radio this Saturday, February 6 on the Hair Metal Haven show hosted by Chris Nelson. The show airs Saturday at the following times around the world; 5pm UK, 18:00 Europe, 12 noon US Eastern, 9am US Pacific. The show can be heard here:

"This is yet another great opportunity for us" says Frank. We have been on internet and terrestrial radio shows all over the world, from Northern Ireland to Germany, from Ohio to Los Angeles. And to be on UK radio again is just fantastic. We have really been widening our audience for the last year, playing tons of shows and having our music played all over the world. You've got to love rock 'n roll!"

On Phoenix Radio, listen for the track "Our Last Days" off Ninth Circle's critically acclaimed CD, "The Power Of One", available at:



The Los Angeles power metal band, NINTH CIRCLE, has been tapped to support the legendary former vocalist of Iron Maiden, Paul Di'Anno, in his first show in Los Angeles in over 15 years! NINTH CIRCLE and Paul Di'Anno will be hitting the stage at Brixton in Redondo Beach on February 17, 2010.

An excited Frank explains, "We got the call from our management saying we're on the bill with Paul Di'Anno has direct support and there was no question the band members were beside themselves. We're huge long time Maiden fans and Paul Di'Anno had a direct impact on Dennis and I growing up musically. One of the first songs we learned to play as a band was Running Free off the first Maiden album. The first time I had ever heard Maiden live was from the Reading Festival in 1980. I used to get chills hearing that live version of Prowler. Man, the hairs on the back of neck would stand straight up! So for the band, this is a serious badge of honor to be able to share the stage with such a giant of the music world."

Dennis goes on to say, "Yes, we are all exited to share the stage with Paul. I also recall learning "Running Free" as a band and I think at one time or another we have at least attempted to play the entire first two Maiden albums at rehearsals. When you are an Iron Maiden fan, you are a fan for life!"

Frank adds, "This show is definitely going to be huge! It's Paul's first show in Los Angeles in over 15 years and it's our first major show of 2010. People are going to come out of the woodwork for this one; the place will be absolutely chaotic with anticipation of both bands being on this bill. I can't wait to see this place sold out!"

And Dave interjected, "Yeah, we're looking forward to playing really loud at this show, because hey...louder is louder, and you can quote me on that!"

Get tickets for this event >>



Los Angeles metal band NINTH CIRCLE have confirmed their attendance at this year's NAMM event held at the Anaheim Convention Center January 14-17, in Anaheim, CA. Dennis, Dave and Frank will be at the Furman booth on Saturday, January 16 at 12:00pm.

"NAMM is a great event", says Frank. "We've been attending this event for the past five years or so. It provides us a chance to catch up with people behind the scenes who help us out and to give some face-to-face time with our fans by taking pictures and signing anything and everything they bring. NAMM also provides us a chance to catch up with some of our friends in other bands that we may not always see because of our tour schedules".

"This year's event will definitely be an 'event' for us. We're playing a NAMM after party that's loaded with surprise guests at Angel's Sports Bar in Corona, just outside of Anaheim. I have to say we are totally excited about this opportunity. I remember last year Racer X played a post NAMM event, so to be included in something like this is very special. I have also heard that Dennis is going to be jamming with Paul Gilbert on Sunday!"



2009 was a big year for the Los Angeles metal outfit, NINTH CIRCLE. The year kicked off with the release of their second CD, The Power of One. Sales of The Power of One were strong in over 10 countries. The band then launched into the 12-month (and going) Power of One Tour with a Hollywood tour kick off show with the reunited Love/Hate. The tour took the band to new halls and they played alongside some of the biggest names in rock; Y&T, Primal Fear, Dokken, Michael Schenker and Great White. 2009 also saw the reissue of their debut CD, Ninth Circle, which widened their exposure even further.

"2009 was huge for us", explains Frank. "We played with some of the most amazing bands and musicians on the planet; Michael Schenker (MSG), Dave Meniketti (Y&T) and the guys in Primal Fear. It was like a dream come true. Our albums have done well, especially in Japan and Europe, and radio stations worldwide have been playing our songs as well. It's a bit surreal to think of what we accomplished this year. Having done plenty of radio interviews and Youtube stuff, we have been on full blast pushing the band and the goal is to continue this well into 2010."

Frank goes on to say, "2010 will bring about some great new surprises for our fans around the world. We're a band that can't sit still...and we have been working on some new material. So if things go according to plan, we'll get a chance to road test some new material!".



"WOW! That is all I can say after listening to the opener 'Frontman' of the third album of the Californian band NINTH CIRCLE. I am somewhat amazed by the incredible talent showcased here! Everything seems to sound absolutely perfect here, the melodies... the riffs... the vocals... instrumental... production/sound quality... and the song itself! NINTH CIRCLE is mixing Classic AOR/Melodic Rock melodies with the strength of high class Progressive Metal/80s US Melodic Metal, with as result a stunning CD titled 'The power of one'!"

Read the full article at:




NINTH CIRCLE is pleased to announce they will be celebrating Dave Davis' one year anniversary with a show on Friday, November 27 at Angel's Roadhouse in Yucaipa, CA.

Frank explains the details, "On November 28, 2008 Dave played his first ever show with NINTH CIRCLE at our hometown gig in Torrance, CA. It was Dave's trial by fire. He had auditioned a few weeks earlier for the job and Dennis and I knew straight away he was the man for the job. There was no doubt! Then it was show time...we were building up to the release of The Power of One record for December and this was the kick off of the tour and Dave came in and killed! It was a really special evening. So here we are a year later, and we are happy to celebrate Dave's contributions to the band and the nightly destruction of his drum kit as a member of NINTH CIRCLE. This show is guaranteed to be a killer rock and roll party!"

"We got the right drummer at the right time" adds Dennis. "Having Dave in the band really has helped us with our live set and we have had some amazing shows on this tour. His solo spot has become a part of our show and the fans really dig it. It's no wonder this tour has gone on this long, we have the right people, with the right attitude."

Dave recalls, "Yeah, I remember looking through the Recycler online, checking out ads for bands looking for drummers. I saw this one that said 'original metal' and that they wanted 'strong double bass'...and I said 'that's me!' and I clicked on it. Just after I clicked the submit button, I saw that they were from South Bay - all the way across the greater LA area from where I live - so I just wrote it off as being too far away."

"Then I got an email from Frank," Dave said, "asking me about my 909 area code phone number...wondering if I really lived that far away." [laughs]

"But in his email there was a link to the band's myspace page, so I got to listen to some of their music...and that was the turning point. Once I heard the music and the level of musicianship in NINTH CIRCLE, I knew that this was for me...even if it was a long way away." [more laughs]

"The way I see it," Dave continues, "is that a band like this only comes around once in a great while - the odds are something like a million to one - where you'll find a band with great original music, outstanding musicianship and no head know, real people that you can get along with, hang with and write music with. I'll tell you, when an opportunity like that knocks at your door, you've got to jump on it!"

"This has definitely been a great year," he says with a smile, "and 2010 will be even better!"



On the road since November of 2008 supporting their Power of One album, NINTH CIRCLE is already looking toward 2010. The band is in the beginning stages of crafting a second leg to their Power of One Tour and has already secured a date with the Swedish power metal band, Hammerfall in Santa Ana, California on March 31, 2010. "There's no letting up for 2010" states Dennis. "It is exiting to be on the Hammerfall bill. That is just a sneak peak of what we are in for during the coming year!"

"From the last half of 2008 all throughout 2009, we have been working extremely hard on the road giving our fans everything we got. We just finished a short fall tour and we are now looking toward winter and into 2010. Right now we're taking a short break before Thanksgiving and then we will be firing on all engines again", says Frank.

"2010 is going to be a busy year for us. There will be more dates added to the Power of One Tour and we will see how long they want to keep us on the road. We are also in discussions of possibly doing a live album from this tour. There have been so many great nights that we have been approached many times with the idea, but it needs to be right...and capture the true essence of a NINTH CIRCLE show. On top of that, we have been writing new material on our off days. A new song has already made it into our live set during the fall tour, so it's been road tested for sure. So as you can see, we are going to be very busy in 2010 and hopefully we can get back in the studio in summer to begin recording our new record", continued Frank.

Dave adds, "Yeah, the new CD is going to be even heavier...we just seem to be writing music that kicks you in the ass even harder."



NINTH CIRCLE took a well deserved two week break from being on the road since November of 2008, to spend time with family and friends before hitting the road again in October. The band opened their 2009 Fall Tour with the Iron Maidens in Redlands, CA. More dates are being added to the fall calendar.

And look for a major announcement soon from the band regarding playing alongside some of heavy metal's most recognizable names in the upcoming months.

Frank explains, "It was nice to have almost three weeks off and be home and see people we haven't seen in awhile. Being home is nice. It gives me a chance to get grounded again and recharge my batteries before getting that itch to hit the road again. I got a chance to catch up with friends at the Los Angeles' Kings home opener at the Staples Center. I'm a diehard Kings' fan and you can catch me there during the season when I'm not on the road. Stop by and say 'hi!' next time you're in section 322!".

Frank goes on, "It is great that we get to extend the tour into the fall and possibly beyond. We're serious road dogs and meeting people and playing in front of our fans really makes all the hard work worth it. Last week at the opening night of the tour we had so many fans come up to us to get things signed, take pictures and just shake hands. It's a very cool experience that makes us work that much harder. Since our album is doing pretty well, we will stay on the road through 2009 and have some great surprises for you as well!" 

"So it's off to the show...Dennis, Dave and I are all heading to the Key Club in Hollywood as guests to check out one of our favorite bands, Stratovarius. It's been awhile since they've been in the states so it will be good to catching with Timo and boys. See ya on the road!"

Meanwhile, Dave spent his time off practicing - he loves to play the drums! When the band called him this week to give him the updated schedule, he admitted that he hadn't realized that three weeks had passed! He keeps great time on the drums, but sometimes has a hard time keeping track of what day of the week it is!



NINTH CIRCLE marked their triumphant return to the Inland Empire of California by headlining both nights of the Weekend From Hell Festival 2009. On day one of the festival fans were treated to an all guns blazing set by the boys of Ninth Circle who brought the house down with electrifying renditions of "Fire Falling", "Where No One Lives" and "The Power of One". Both Dennis and Dave wowed the capacity audience with their solos as part of "How Many Times" during the set which elevated the crowd to a frenzied state.

Day two of the festival saw the band bringing an even more powerful show to really get the crowd going as the headlining act. Ninth Circle hit the stage after midnight and played well into the morning as fans crashed the front of the stage. The energetic fans brought the best out of the band as they treated festival goers to a special encore of Iron Maiden's, The Trooper, which is also on Ninth Circle 's CD, The Power of One. 

Frank recalls, "What a great experience the Weekend From Hell Festival was. We were treated great by the organizers and the fans were just superb both nights. We knew we were going to have a great opportunity both nights to show fans who had been wanting us to play in their part of the world what a Ninth Circle concert was like. The fans really made us feel welcomed and we can't wait to head back there again to play."

"The final night of the festival was very special. At the end of our set we thought we were done then the promoter came up and asked us to do another song. It was obvious the fans were not ready to go home. So we decided to do something very special and play The Trooper. It's on our CD and we recorded it as homage to our favorite band, Iron Maiden. Given just how great the fans were on the last night we decided to give them a little something special and the crowd went nuts! We've only played that song once on tour so far and it was well worth breaking it out for the final night."

The band now takes a well deserved break as they return home to their families and friends before they hit the road again in October.



The Los Angeles melodic metal outfit, NINTH CIRCLE announced they will be filming their first live DVD on Tuesday, September 8 at the Key Club in Hollywood , Ca during their direct support slot with Primal Fear. The band has been out on the road supporting their Power of One CD and now one of the hottest nights of the tour will be captured for a live DVD.

Frank explains, "We've been approached a few times during the tour to do a live DVD, but we have been looking for the right night, the right venue and right city to film. We almost signed on to do one a few dates back while playing with Great White, but we were looking for a night with the right energy. So what better place than the Sunset Strip in Hollywood ! And playing as direct support to Primal Fear will be even better! We'll have all our fans, hometown friends, family and business associates in the house, and not to mention, Primal Fear fans that we'll be working extra hard to win over."

"The band is very excited about this opportunity. As I mentioned before, when we kicked off the tour back in November of last year are goal was to hit the road and spread the word of NINTH CIRCLE playing any where and every where. And now each show just keeps getting bigger and better. After the show with Primal Fear, we're off to headline both nights of a two-day festival and from what I hear there's probably going to be a live video and audio feed from the festival so our fans can hear and see us live around the world."

If you live in the Los Angeles area and want to attend this special live recording contact NINTH CIRCLE at



NINTH CIRCLE continues their successful Power of One Tour by announcing they will be headlining both nights of the Weekend From Hell Festival 2009, on September 11 and 12. The festival will be held at two different locations; September 11 in Corona, CA and September 12 in Apple Valley, CA and hosts countless bands each day.

"It's an honor to be asked to headline both days of the Weekend From Hell Festival. We've traditionally done festivals each year, especially in the summer, but we have never done anything this exciting and adventurous to headline back-to-back nights at a festival", details Frank.

The word has been stronger and stronger about NINTH CIRCLE with the release of their second CD, "The Power of One", and each week the band gathers momentum on the road.

Frank continues, "We kicked the tour off back in November of '08 by opening for The Bullet Boys and since then it's been a hell of a ride! Playing with bands like Y&T, Michael Schenker, Dokken, Great White and Primal Fear, the buzz keeps getting louder out there. We keep pushing ourselves to be available for these great opportunities and its fun being on the road. You know things are really looking up when people approach you with fantastic opportunities. It's wild to think what we have accomplished so far this year, and our fans keep wanting more...this is rock 'n' roll!" 



NINTH CIRCLE has been working hard out on the road this summer and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Working hard behind a successful selling album, The Power of One, and their Power of One Tour, the band took some time this weekend to offer an update between shows.

"Friday night was a great gig. We had a blast tearing up the Roadhouse in Yucaipa with our good friends One Row Below and Resistance. I've been a fan of Resistance for some time, and they really brought it. Of course, they primed the crowd for us so all we had to do was go out there and crush the crowd with our show. The week before we played in front of them, and this week they played in front of us. What a great night of metal", recalls Frank.

"Man... it was great playing on the same stage as Resistance for the second time. Good guys and great musicians, they are a pleasure to watch" added Dennis.

After a late night of post show partying with Resistance and One Row Below, Ninth Circle 's singer/guitarist Dennis Brown was a special guest on the following morning. Invited by station manager DJ Badslayer, Dennis gave an update on the tour on the Metal Crypt Show.

Dennis explains, "It was great! Now that we have a new CD to push, DJ Badslayer had me explain the band's evolution to those that are less familiar to Ninth Circle . They played 4 cuts from the CD and I got a lot of positive feedback. With the support dates we have done as well as the upcoming Primal Fear show, I definitely had plenty to talk about".

Frank continues, "Even Jason McMaster of Dangerous Toys who was on the show right after Dennis dug our stuff; it always feels good to be acknowledged."

Dave adds, "Yeah, we get to play cool shows, rock the house, stay up late, meet lots of great people...we're having a blast! And on top of that, velcro is fun to play makes that funny sound when you peel it apart."

>> Watch a live video of NINTH CIRCLE performing "Frontman"



Explains Frank, "The Power of One Tour has been a huge success for us this year and we're only getting started. We've played with a lot of great bands so far on this tour, Y&T, Dokken and MSG and we're learning a lot from each band. We also get to play with Great White this weekend and Primal Fear in a few weeks. Somebody pinch me!"

"I'm really excited about playing with Great White. I'm a huge fan! I have all their records, I've seen them a bunch of times in small and large venues. We were offered a supporting slot for them about ten years ago. It will be good to catch up with Jack and boys. For awhile we were all located out of the South Bay (Beach Cities of Los Angeles ) and I remember watching them record the "Let It Rock" record while we were rehearsing in the same studio. Man, time flies. This weekend is bound to be a true rock 'n' roll party!"

And Dave chimed in, "yeah, and besides that, you know, the best way to eat chicken is with your teeth..." 

NINTH CIRCLE continues to add more dates to their "Power Of One Tour" and expects to make a major festival announcement soon.



Dennis Brown (vocals / guitars) and Frank Forray (bass) of the Los Angeles metal band, NINTH CIRCLE, will be on radio Monday evening between 8:00 - 10:00pm PST. They will be announcing that they will be performing with German power metal legends Primal Fear on their only North American West Coast date. Primal Fear and Ninth Circle will be performing at the Key Club in Hollywood on September, 8 2009.

"We're ecstatic to be playing with Primal Fear in Los Angeles, there's no doubt about that! Personally, I'm beside myself given I truly love Primal Fear. They've been my favorite band for the last five years and they have really opened by eyes and ears in terms of playing great melodic German power metal. I've been a fan of Ralf since his days with Gamma Ray, and now to be sharing the stage with him and Primal's incredible! It's going to be one hell of an evening filled with fantastic heavy metal. Our fans can't wait!" expresses Frank.

Dave adds, "Yeah, this is going to be a special evening because Randy Black, the drummer in Primal Fear is one of my favorite drummers on the planet! I regard him as one of my influences, and I am really looking forward to being on the same bill with Randy and Primal's going to be great!"



NINTH CIRCLE kicked off their Power of One Tour in November of 2008 and has been on the road for eight straight months promoting their new CD, The Power of One. Since the kick off of the tour the band has played with bands such as, Dokken, MSG, Y&T and Love/Hate and has been wining over crowds every night. During this time the band has also seen the reissue of their debut CD, Ninth Circle , which has proved to spark even more interest in the band.

Frank explains, "When we started this tour in November of 2008 with the goal was making it all about our brand new CD, The Power of One, and showing fans just how great the songs are live. What we didn't expect was the record company coming to us and saying, 'let's reissue the debut CD and keep this tour going!' So being who we are, we couldn't resist continuing the tour and promoting two great CD's and mixing up our set list each night with new and old stuff. It's really exciting!"

The band has also had opportunities to play along side some of heavy metal's legends which has provided great learning opportunities. "Playing with Dokken and Y&T really show you what's possible. You get to see what they do night in and night out and just how fresh each show is for the fans. That's what it's really about, the fans and the music. As Don Dokken said to us backstage one night, 'it's all about the music, right?' It sure is! And playing with these bands really gives us something to shoot for each and every night", continues Frank.

The Power of One Tour continues through August with more dates in the works for the Fall.



NINTH CIRCLE will be hosting a party kicking off the summer leg of their Power of One Tour 2009 with a free show on Sunday, June 21 at Club Good Hurt in West Los Angeles. The band has arranged with the club and promoter for NINTH CIRCLE fans to attend this show absolutely free of charge! 

All fans need to do is send an email to tickets@ninthcircle.usto get on the guest list...and they're in for free! 

The kick off party begins at 9:00pm and NINTH CIRCLE hits the stage at 11:00pm for this very special event. 

Club Good Hurt
12249 Venice Boulevard
West Los Angeles, Ca 90066 

"Management and the band were talking and we wanted to do something very cool for our fans, especially since it's the summer solstice and we're heading out on the summer leg of our tour. So we decided what better way than to celebrate the arrival summer than with booze, bikinis, naughty nurses serving up drinks and skull crushing metal from yours truly...Ninth Circle!", comments Frank. 

Frank goes on to add, "The band has always had this great relationship with our fans. We're accessible, down to earth and literally no different from the fans, except from being jet lagged or tired from being on the road. But I've seen a number of times where Dennis is approached by fans and he'll sign autographs, buy them a drink or even let them play his guitar! Dave's the same way. He's really approachable, friendly and will talk to fans forever, he's a really good guy. And me, I'll drink and talk about metal (and Manchester United) with anyone! So we thought hell, let's throw a summer tour kick off party for our fans and make it free! We know times are tough out there and what better to give something back to our fans than some face to face time with band and free show! Now I think that's rock 'n' roll at it's best!". 

"We have the debut re-release that has been drawing attention which is great!" Dennis adds. "We needed to brush up on a few of the songs to include them in the set but it is fun playing them again. Having Dave on the drums definatley kicks those songs up a notch so it is almost like playing 'new material'. This show is the start of a good summer run for us so what better way to kick it off then with all of the above!" 



NINTH CIRCLE will be premiering two new songs off their re-released debut CD, Ninth Circle, on tonight! Dennis, Dave and Frank will be on the air between 8:00pm and 10:00pm (PST) discussing the re-release of their debut CD, The Power Of One Tour 2009 and life on the road in Los Angele's most exciting melodic metal band.

Frank explains, "We've been on the road since December 2008 promoting The Power of One CD, and there aren't any signs of letting up any time soon. We're a band that thrives on playing live and the longer they keep us on the road the better. And now that they have decided to re-release our debut CD, it's a sign that fans want more from NINTH CIRCLE and that's what we're going to give them... more! Hell it's 2009, 'The Year of the Circle'... so what more could you want? You've got a great band on the road with two great CD's , now that's rock 'n' roll!"

Dennis goes on to say, "It's great to see the interest in this re-release. When we were approached with the idea we said 'why not'? We ran the tapes and were amazed at how well they were preserved. Since it is basically a live recording, remastering was a piece of cake and it allowed us to include the 2 extra tracks. With shows already lined up with Michael Schenker, Great White and a few surprises in-between, it's going to be one rockin summer!"



After nearly a decade since the release of NINTH CIRCLE's self-titled debut CD, it is once again available to fans around the world in a new enhanced version with bonus material! Originally released in the winter of 2000, Ninth Circle reached #2 on's metal charts and went on to sell out making the debut CD out of print for the rest of the decade.

To celebrate 2009 as "The Year of the Circle" NINTH CIRCLE is proud to announce the release their debut self titled CD, Ninth Circle. Completely remastered and remixed with original producer, Bill Krodel, Ninth Circle contains two never before heard tracks, Mistreatment and Move. The two songs were recorded for the original release, but did not make it to the CD because of budgetary reasons, but have now been resurrected to their full metal glory for fans to enjoy!

Ninth Circle is available now at and the band will be hosting a release party on July 10, at their Brixton show, in Redondo Beach with Michael Schenker! Some tickets are available and the show will sell out!


Also, to celebrate the new album, for a **limited time only** there is a limited edition Ninth Circle T-shirt available at:



Members of NINTH CIRCLE celebrated the Memorial Day weekend in true rock n roll fashion; jamming with Scorpions drummer James Kottak and headlining Angel's Roadhouse in Yucaipa the next night. First the weekend kicked off with Dave Davis catching the party bus with fellow LA rockers KOTTAK (James Kottak, of the Scorpions, and wife Athena, drummer of KOTTAK) to San Diego for their show at 4th & B.

Dave explains: "Kottak played a killer set and at the end the audience brought them out for an encore. I was standing in the front row applauding, and when James came back on stage, he walked to the front of the stage, pointed at me and said "come on up and play drums!"

"I ran backstage, Athena handed me her sticks, and as I climbed up on the drum riser, I asked her if she knew what song I would be playing, and with a smile she said, 'you'll find out in a minute!' Just as I sat down at the kit, Johnny Lucas started playing the guitar intro to the Scorpions song 'Rock You Like a Hurricane'".

Dave continued, "It was a real treat to sit in and play drums with Kottak...especially on a song that James plays the drums on when he is with the Scorpions! What a rush!"




The following night NINTH CIRCLE returned to for their second of two shows this month in the Inland Empire with a headlining set at Angel's Roadhouse. Last week the band brought down the house at Angel's Sports Bar in Corona with a blistering set filled with NINTH CIRCLE classics and the band set forth to do the same in Yucaipa . The band hit the stage with their powerful full-throttled opening song "Fire Falling" which brought the crowd to it's feet. This was followed up by the heavy hitter "Where No One Lives". It was a great 1-2 punch of songs to bring the crowd to a frenzy. Dave, still riding on the adrenaline from the night before, brought the house down with his thunderous drum solo. The night was capped off with fantastic renditions of, "The Power Of One" and "Frontman". Frank recalls, "It was a great evening. We had come a long way for this show and for us to put on a show with such intensity was terrific. Everyone was firing on all cylinders."

Fans were also treated to a sneak peak of NINTH CIRCLE's remastered and remixed debut album, NINTH CIRCLE , that night as well. Frank also explains, "we have a special treat in store for our fans regarding the first album. It's been out of print for nearly a decade and we've got something special lined up for everyone, so stay tuned!"



"Imagine songs that sound like Hammerfall with Iron Maiden-esque guitar parts thrown in and vocals that half sound like Stratovarius' frontman Kotipelto... I was actually quite surprised when I read that the band has only three members!" -

"Ninth Circle is really bringing back that classic metal sound that we all fell in love with way back when (at least, those of us with any common sense). Countless groups have attempted to do it, but no one pulls it off quite like them." -

"If you are fans of classic and melodic metal, you won't be deceived by The Power Of One the album from the American group Ninth Circle ." -



Nominated for seven South Bay Music Awards, including Best Independent CD (The Power Of One) and Rock Band of the Year, the Los Angeles heavy metal power trio NINTH CIRCLE are now scheduled to perform at this year's event. The band will be performing two songs off their nominated CD, The Power Of One, in hopes of taking home one or more of the awards from their seven nominations. 

"We're extremely proud of the record we put out. We spent a lot of time in the studio getting this one right and by all accounts, with record sales going strong in over ten countries, there is confirmation that we've done it right! Fans online and at our shows tell us just how much they love this record and that drives us just that much harder to deliver what the fans want; a great NINTH CIRCLE show filled with the songs they love from the record. And now that we get to perform at the SMBAs, it is an added bonus to bring our music to an even larger audience. We can't wait to get up there and give everyone a glimpse of what the NINTH CIRCLE live show is all about!" explains Frank. 

The event, originally scheduled for February 2009, has been rescheduled for Monday, April 27 at the Irvine Improv in the Irvine Spectrum. The Red Carpet begins at 7:00pm. 


NINTH CIRCLE continues their Power of One Tour 2009 with the following dates: 

4/25 - Knitting Factory w/ Bulletboys - Hollywood , CA

4/29 - KXLU 88.9 FM - Westchester, CA

5/15 - Angel's w/ XNO - Corona, CA

7/10 - Brixton w/ MSG - Redondo Beach, CA

8/14 - Canyon Club w/ Great White - Agoura Hills, CA




NINTH CIRCLE began their 2009 tour in February with a sold-out opening night with Dokken and has continued with another successful sold-out show with Y&T at Brixton. April has only arrived and things are looking up for the Los Angeles metal outfit NINTH CIRCLE . 

Explains Frank, "The tour has been going great! We're seeing more and more people at each show and we are just killing the audience night after night. It was great to be guests of Y&T as part of their 35th Anniversary tour. Dave Meniketti and the boys were great to us and they tore up the place. It was an honor to be on the same stage as those guys, especially Dave... he's a legend!" 

Frank continues, "We've been pushing really hard this year with radio interviews, sold out shows, The Power of One is selling around the world and high-speed chases! Yes, high-speed chases. Dennis and I were on our way to meet Dave at the radio station for an interview in North Hollywood when the entire Hollywood Freeway came to halt. Turns out the LAPD had completed a high-speed chase 100 feet in front of the car Dennis and I were in. We were late for the interview, but that's rock and roll!" 

NINTH CIRLCE is pleased to announced they will be sharing the stage with another guitar legend, none other than Michael Schenker on July 10 at Brixton in Redondo Beach, CA. 

View Photos from Brixton show >> 




Hot on the heels of a successful 2009 tour kickoff with Dokken in Agoura Hills, Ca, NINTH CIRCLE had a special homecoming on the second date of the tour in Yucaipa, Ca as friends and family of drummer Dave Davis were in attendance. 

Frank comments, "The Dokken show was great! We went out there and killed the audience for a half hour. The audience gave us a wonderful response, especially since it was our first time playing Agoura Hills. After the show we hung out with Don and the boys backstage until 1:00AM. They were a fun bunch to party with and the treated us very well. We definitely look forward to meeting up with them on the road again. 

The second date of the tour was so much fun! It was nice to be in Dave's neck of the woods and see him absolutely devastate his drum set in front of friends and family. I think those shows are always special". 

As NINTH CIRCLE prepares for their next date with Y&T, the band gets ready for this week's media blitz. Dennis, Dave and Frank hit the airwaves of tonight as part of their Monday night "Party Radio" event. NINTH CIRCLE can be heard between 8:00 - 10:00pm PST tonight on On Wednesday, Dennis and Dave will be guest VJ's on Joy Rock's Music TV which will air at 10:00pm PST on local cable access in Southern California, Oregon and Maine. 

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