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Dennis Brown - guitar, vocals

Richie Brooks - drums, backing vocals

Frank Forray - bass guitar, backing vocals


Ninth Circle History

The American New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM) band, Ninth Circle, have been charging on all cylinders for years. Hot on the heels of their most recent record, Echo Black, released world-wide in June of 2020, via Pure Underground Records, has received critical acclaim from Japan to the US to Europe. Ninth Circle earned album of the year award for Echo Black and song of the year award for Riding the Storm from the South Bay Music Awards. The two awards provided Ninth Circle incredible recognition for years of hard work as songwriters, recording artists and performers.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, with its origins in the late 1990’s released their debut album in 2000. The band continues to entertain fans all over the world with their special brand of melodic guitar-driven heavy metal. Bandmates, Dennis Brown (vocals and lead guitar) and Frank Forray (bass) are at the core of the band’s genesis and songwriting partnership. Along with the exceptional, Richie “Captain Black” Brooks, drives the band’s power with his hard pounding energetic drumming.

Their brand of Melodic Metal has served them well since the release of the self-titled debut in 2000. Branded as "in your face melodic metal from Southern California's premier powerhouse trio", the album Ninth Circle quickly ran up the Independent Metal Charts and reached the #1 position on Keeping with the tradition of bands such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, Ninth Circle remains a band true to their roots to this day.

In the winter of 2008 Ninth Circle emerged stronger than ever with their worldwide critically acclaimed second album, The Power of One, The Metal community quickly accepted the album and the band received 7 nominations at the South Bay Music Awards in Southern California including album of the year. More and more positive reviews surfaced worldwide and Ninth Circle again quickly ran up to the top of the Metal Charts this time on

In 2012 Ninth Circle released their third record, Legions Of The Brave. The band had gone bigger and bolder by embracing progressive elements and pushing metal into new melodic realms. Ninth Circle delivers an exciting brand of metal combining dynamic song writing, powerful riffs and a driving rhythm section. Legions of the Brave hooks the listener in from the very first track.

Ninth Circle is a dynamic hard driving band that delivers hook-laden sing-along songs and an incredible live experience that have been leaving fans begging for more and more!

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