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Los Angeles melodic metal band, Ninth Circle, kicks off their 2023 Summer Breakout Tour Sunday, May 28 at the Sacramento County Fair in Sacramento, California. The band has been currently holed up in the recording studio in Redondo Beach, Ca since November of 2021 and are ready to get back on the road to party with fans before completing the new record.


Bassist, Frank Forray, explains, “well, it’s been some time since we did something this grand while recording a record. It always takes us a bit of time to make a record. We put a lot time, care, thought and beer into making records! Making records for us is a lot of fun, but honestly, it’s a lot of work too.”


Frank goes on, “It is demanding mentally. It is demanding physically. And it is demanding emotionally. You put a lot of time in writing songs. The melodies. The lyrics. The guitar solos and so forth. Then you sit in a little room and you critique everything, even the minutia of the breath you need before signing a lyric, ask Dennis! After a while it starts to take a bit of toll on everyone. In the old days, we would get into the studio and crank a record out in months. Now it takes a little longer as we want to best damn product for our fans and ourselves.”


“One of the best ways we keep our sanity is with even more music! So that’s why we’re getting out on the road this summer and re-energizing with our fans! So we’re dusting off the old live show equipment and bringing Ninth Circle to the fans!”


“Once this run is done”, explains the bassist, “it’s back to the studio to start wrapping up this bad boy! We’ve got 22 songs so far and we’ll see what makes the record. Until then, it’s showtime!”


Ninth Circle 2023 Summer Breakout Tour

May 28 – Sacramento County Fair, Sacramento, Ca

July 22 – Stages, Santa Ana, Ca

August 5 – OC County Fair, Costa Mesa, Ca

August 27 – Backstage Live, Gardena, Ca

October 14 – LA Gates of Metal III, Garden Amphitheater, Garden Grove, Ca


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